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Starfield Best Companion

The Best Companion in Starfield, based on their skills and overall gameplay capabilities! Starfield offers a plethora of Companions you can hire, that will follow you around and offer assistance with their unique skills. Some of the Companions are useful to have around when fighting enemies or building your Outposts. Others though are not that great and will only slow you down. This guide will show you the best Companion in Starfield, based on skills and gameplay assistance!

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Which Companion is the Best in Starfield

Every Starfield Companion comes with a set of skills they can use to assist you in fight, exploration or Outpost management. Not all Companions are the same though. Some are more fleshed out with more and better skills. A few Companions also offer you the chance to learn more about their past and eventually romance them. The number of skills a companion has and how fleshed out they are, depends on the Companion category they belong. In total there are twenty-eight(28) Companions in Starfield that are divided in five different categories:

  • Constellation Companions
  • Optional Story Companions
  • Trait Companions
  • Hireable Companions
  • Generic Crew-Members

The Constellation Companions(Andreja, Barrett, Sam Coe, Sarah Morgan, Vasco) are the more fleshed out Companions in Starfield, with more and better skills. Also only the Constellation Companions(all except Vasco) offer the ability to develop a romance with them. So it is logical that one of them will be the Best Companion you can get in Starfield. If you wish to learn more about them and where you can find each one, you can read my Starfield Companions Guide!

sarah morgan companion starfield
Sarah Morgan

Companions Tier List in Starfield

This Companion Tier List for Starfield is taking into account the Skills and overall assistance a Companion will offer you while adventuring. Some Companions might have a few nice skills on paper but they will not offer much in actual gameplay! This is how every one of the twenty-eight Companions ranks in Starfield.

S Tier

  • Andreja
  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Vasco

A Tier

  • Amelia Earhart
  • Andromeda Kepler
  • Autumn MacMillan
  • Barrett
  • Erick Von Price
  • Ezekiel
  • Gideon Aker
  • Jessamine Griffin
  • Lyle Brewer
  • Marika Boros
  • Omari Hassan
  • Simeon Bankowski

B Tier

  • Adoring Fan
  • Betty Howser
  • Dani Garcia
  • Mathis Castillo
  • Moara Otero
  • Rafael Aguerro
  • Sophia Grace
  • Supervisor Lin

C Tier

  • Hadrian Sanon
  • Heller
  • Mickey Caviar
  • Rosie Tannehill
sam coe companion starfield
Sam Coe

S Tier Companions in Starfield

It is not a surprise that almost all Constellation Companions belong to this category! They have the best and most advanced skills and they are great to have around when fighting enemies. Andreja can deal massive damage with her Particle Beams skill but can also accompany you with ease if you wish to play a more stealthy character. Sam Coe is another flexible fighter to have around while Sarah Morgan is good at combat but can also assist you in exploration with her Astrodynamics skill. Vasco finally can assist you in combat but is the Ship related skills it has that put the Constellation robot Companion in S tier!

amelia earhart companion starfield
Amelia Earhart

A Tier Companions in Starfield

Despite being a Constellation Companion, Barrett does not offer as much as the other four. He is good to have in your ship thanks to his skills though. Amelia Earhart, Autumn MacMillan, Lyle Brewer, Marika Boros and Simeon Bankowski are amazing Combat oriented companions! You can bring along any of them when expecting to fight plenty of enemies and they will not fail to impress you. Depending on your preferred play style, each one of those combat Companions can complement your Starfield Build well! Andromeda Kepler, Erick Von Price, Ezekiel, Gideon Aker and Omari Hassan on the other hand are great Companions to have around in your ship when traveling or fighting hostiles. Jessamine Griffin is a more flexible Companion that can assist you as a Ship crew member but also as a partner in Crime if you are playing a Thief in Starfield!

simeon bankowski companion starfield
Simeon Bankowski

B Tier Companions in Starfield

The Adoring Fan, Mathis Castillo, Betty Howser, Dani Garcia and Moara Otero can offer some assistance in space or the ground but their skills are not good enough to be your first option. Supervisor Lin and Rafael Aguerro are decent Companions to park in one of your Outposts and assist you in harvesting resources or crafting. Finally Sophia Grace offers some assistance in combat and can complement Stealth Builds in Starfield but her Lasers Combat skill is not high enough to belong in a better Tier.

sophia grace companion starfield
Sophia Grace

C Tier Companions in Starfield

Finally in this Tier you can find Companions that do not offer much in your gameplay with their skills. They might have a nice story to tell or are enjoyable to have around but as far as gameplay efficiency goes they are not the best to bring along! In this tier you can find Hadrian Sanon, Heller, Mickey Caviar and Rosie Tannehill.

hadrian sanon companion starfield
Hadrian Sanon

FAQ – Starfield Best Companion

Who is the Best Companion for Stealing in Starfield?

The Best Companion for Stealing in Starfield is Andreja thanks to her Stealth Skill. Other Good Companions for stealing are the Adoring Fan, Jessamine Griffin and Sophia Grace.

Who is the Best Stealth Companion in Starfield?

The Best Stealth Companion in Starfield is Andreja thanks to her high Stealth Skill. Other Good Stealth Companions are the Adoring Fan and Sophia Grace.

Who is the Best Combat Companion in Starfield?

The Best Combat Companion in Starfield is Andreja thanks to her Particle Beams Skill. Other great Combat Companions are Sam Coe, Sarah Morgan, Amelia Earhart, Lyle Brewer, Marika Boros and Simeon Bankowski.

Who is the Best Companion for Ship in Starfield?

The Best Companion for Ship in Starfield is Vasco! Other good companions you can bring along in Space are Barrett, Erick Von Price, Omari Hassan and Gideon Aker.

Who is the Best Companion for Outposts in Starfield?

The Best Companion for Outposts in Starfield is Supervisor Lin! Another good Companion for Outposts is Rafael Aguerro.