How to Get Mathis Castillo Companion in Starfield

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Mathis Castillo Companion Starfield

Mathis Castillo is one of the Crimson Fleet Pirates you can hire as a Companion in Starfield! To unlock him as a Companion you have first to Join the Crimson Fleet but also complete all Pirate Faction Missions!

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How to Get Mathis Castillo as a Companion in Starfield

You will first meet Mathis in The Key space station, in the Kryx System. The Key is the base of operations for the Crimson Fleet Pirate faction in Starfield, so the easiest way to access it, is by joining them. There are a couple fast ways you can join the Crimson Fleet:

  • Get caught stealing by the UC
  • Join the Vanguard and wait to receive the “Deep Cover” mission

In both cases UC will send you as an undercover agent to join the Crimson Fleet! Follow the mission’s instructions and eventually you will arrive at The Key space station, where you will get to meet Delgado, the leader of the pirates. There you will also meet Mathis.

The Key Location

To recruit Mathis as a Companion you need to complete all Crimson Fleet Faction Missions but also side with him with every opportunity, starting with the third mission “Echoes of the Past“. Unlocking Mathis is not a simple task but an entire process. The Crimson Fleet Missions are:

  • Deep Cover
  • Rook Meets King
  • Echoes of the Past
  • Breaking the Bank
  • The Best There Is
  • Absolute Power
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Legacy’s End

In order to get Mathis you need to join permanently the Crimson Fleet and side with him during the “Legacy’s End” Mission. Which basically means betraying SysDef and the United Colonies.

mathis castillo companion starfield
Mathis Castillo

Mathis Castillo Companion Skills in Starfield

Mathis comes with a few nice skills for combat. His skills are:

  • Incapacitation – 2
  • Ballistics – 1
  • Weight Lifting – 1

Best Builds for Mathis Castillo Companion in Starfield

Mathis seems to be a decent addition as a Companion for combat oriented Builds. He can also assist you with his Incapacitation skill if you wish to avoid killing targets. Some Builds you can use with him are:

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