mickey caviar companion starfield
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Mickey Caviar Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Mickey Caviar as a Companion in Starfield! Mickey Caviar is one of the named Companions you can hire in Starfield. A decent support oriented Companion that can assist in more peaceful activities!

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How to Get Mickey Caviar as a Companion in Starfield

Mickey Caviar is one of the several named Companions you can hire with credits in the game. You can find him chilling in the Astral Lounge, in Neon! Talk to him and will offer to join you for 15,000 Credits. You can negotiate a better price if you wish. After you unlock him as a Companion, you can assign him to your Ship or one of your Outposts. You can also bring him along with you in your exploration trips.

mickey caviar companion starfield
Companion Skills

Mickey Caviar Companion Skills in Starfield

Mickey has three available skills that he can use to assist you. These are:

  • Wellness – 2
  • Gastronomy – 1
  • Incapacitation – 1

Obviously Mickey is not the best companion to bring along if you plan to fight a lot! He is a decent companion with some nice support skills, that can also assist in more peaceful situations, thanks to his Incapacitation skill.

Best Builds for Mickey Caviar in Starfield

Mickey is a support oriented companion that can assist with his skills in more peaceful situations! Not the best option for a combat heavy play-through! Some of the Builds you can use with him are:

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