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Supervisor Lin Starfield

Supervisor Lin is one of the many companions you can hire in Starfield! To unlock her as a Companion you will have to progress the game’s main quest. Her skills are better for an Outpost assignment.

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How to Get Supervisor Lin as a Companion in Starfield

Supervisor Lin is one of the two first NPC you will meet when you start Starfield, along with Heller! She will teach you the basics during the tutorial quest of the game “One Small Step“. Progress the main quest and return to the mine in the “Back to Vectera” mission to meet her again. In the first part of the mission talk to her and try to find where Barrett and Heller are. When you learn their location you will have a chance to recruit Supervisor Lin as a Companion.

starfield supervisor lin companion
Companion skills

Supervisor Lin Companion Skills in Starfield

Supervisor Lin is not a combat oriented Companion but can assist you if you wish. Her skills are better for Outpost assignments:

  • Outpost Management – 2
  • Demolitions – 1

Best Builds for Supervisor Lin Companion in Starfield

Lin is a better addition to Outposts, where she can assist with her Outpost Management skill. Thanks to her Demolitions skill though, she can be helpful in fights if you wish to bring her along. Some of the Builds you can use along with her are:

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