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Sarah Morgan Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Sarah Morgan as a Companion in Starfield! Sarah Morgan is one of the four main Constellation Companions and the first official companion you will unlock in the game. Sarah is good with Lasers and can help with exploration!

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How to Get Sarah Morgan as a Companion in Starfield

Sarah Morgan is the first official companion you can unlock. It is almost impossible to miss her, since you can recruit her at the end of the Tutorial Mission “One Small Step“. Follow Supervisor Lin and Heller at the beginning of the game, create your character and meet with Barrett and Vasco. You will later have the opportunity to recruit all four as Companions too!

Fight the pirates, then fly with Vasco away. You can travel around and ignore the main mission of the game but it is better to just follow Vasco’s advise and eventually unlock Sarah as your first Companion. Go to Kreet with Vasco, deal with the pirates there and now you are ready to visit New Atlantis and meet with the Constellation members. Go to the Lodge, place the Artifact at the collection and Sarah will join you as a Companion for the next mission “The Old Neighborhood“.

Follow Sarah around while investigating a lead to a new artifact. After finishing this second Main Mission, you can now pick Sarah as Companion and assign her to your Ship and Outposts.

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Companion Skills

Sarah Morgan Companion Skills in Starfield

Sarah Morgan comes with an excellent skill set for almost every major activity in Starfield. Her Skills are:

  • Astrodynamics – 4
  • Lasers – 3
  • Leadership – 2
  • Botany – 1

She can assist in combat with her Lasers expertise but also be a valuable help in your Ship and Outposts.

Best Builds for Sarah Morgan Companion in Starfield

Sarah Morgan is a reliable and flexible companion that you can bring along with almost any Build. Her Lasers skill makes her an asset in combat, as long as you give her a decent weapon. Astrodynamics and Botany can assist with exploration while Leadership is great overall. Some of the Builds you can use along with Sarah Morgan are:

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