marika boros companion starfield
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Marika Boros Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Marika Boros as a Companion in Starfield! Marika Boros is one of the named Companions you can hire in Starfield. A combat focused Companion that can assist with clearing buildings from hostiles!

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How to Get Marika Boros as a Companion in Starfield

To unlock Marika Boros as a Companion you will have to hire her! When you first arrive to New Atlantis, visit The Viewport bar near the spaceport. Marika Boros is sitting inside waiting for someone to offer her a Crew job! Talk to her and she will offer to join your Crew for 12,000 Credits. You can try to negotiate a better price if you wish!

The Viewport

Once you agree to the price and pay her, she will join your crew and you can assign her to your Ship or one of your Outposts. You can also bring her along with you in your exploration trips. She can fight well with a Shotgun and is a reliable combat Companion.

marika boros companion starfield
Companion Skills

Marika Boros Companion Skills in Starfield

Marika Boros has three available skills that she can use to assist you. These are:

  • Ballistics – 2
  • Shotgun Certification – 1
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 1

She can assist in ground combat thanks to her Ballistics and Shotgun Certification Skills. Her skills are not that advanced so it is a better Companion early in the game. Her Particle Beam Weapon Systems can also be useful if you are using that kind of weapons in your Ship!

Marika Boros Companion

Best Builds for Marika Boros Companion in Starfield

Marika Boros is a nice Companion that can assist you early in the game thanks to her Ballistics and Shotgun Skills. She is better to combine with close quarters combat Builds, that need to stay close to their targets to deal significant damage. Her Particle Beam Weapon Systems skill can also be useful for Builds that focus on Ship combat a lot. Some of the Builds you can use with her are:

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