rafael aguerro companion starfield
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Rafael Aguerro Companion Starfield

Rafael Aguerro is one of the many NPC you can hire as a Companion in Starfield! Rafael is available as a Companion only after you have advanced the game’s main quest line far enough. To unlock the option to hire him you need to complete the “Entangled” Mission but also make the right choices!

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How to Get Rafael Aguerro as a Companion in Starfield

Rafael is an interesting Companion that you will meet late in Starfield’s main quest line. To unlock him as a Companion you will have to complete the “Entangled” Mission. In this mission you will find yourself shifting between two universes. In the original universe Rafael has died in a lab accident but in the alternate universe he is the sole survivor of the accident. Eventually you will have to decide which universe to save.

To be able to recruit Rafael, you have to save his universe, sacrificing everybody else. However there is another hidden option, which can help you save both universes. If you wish to know how you can save both Universes, you can read my Entangled Mission Guide! If you save Rafael during the Entangled mission you can meet him later in “The Viewport” bar in New Atlantis and recruit him as a Companion.

rafael aguerro companion starfield
Rafael in Entangled Mission

Rafael Aguerro Companion Skills in Starfield

Rafael has a few skills he can offer to your playthrough. His skills are:

  • Starship Engineering – 2
  • Outpost Engineering – 1
  • Outpost Management – 1

Best Builds for Rafael Aguerro in Starfield

Because of his skills Rafael seems to be a better fit for an Outpost assignment. He can assist you with running your Outposts and be helpful in a more peaceful, exploration focused playthrough. Some Builds you can use with Rafael as a Companion are:

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