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Starfield Entangled

Entangled is one of the Best Missions in Starfield, that offers a couple great rewards! The main goal of the mission is to collect one of the last Artifacts of the game. In the process you get to choose which one of the two intertwined universes you will save. Your decision will unlock different rewards in the form of a new Companion or a Legendary Armor. There is however a third “hidden” option, that allows you to save both Universes and claim both rewards!

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Entangled Mission in Starfield

Entangled is one of the last Constellation Missions in the game. While a standalone mission, Entangled is part of the “Unearthed” and “Final Glimpses” main missions as well. While following the Final Glimpses mission instructions, you will reach the Freya System. There you will receive a Distress Signal and the objective to investigate the Nishina Research Station on the surface of Freya III. Land on the point of interest and approach the station. Talk to Ethan Hughes, the Chief of Security in order to gain access to the facility. When inside follow him to meet the Director. This is where things will start getting interesting.

starfield entangled
Nishina Location

As you are following Ethan you will start shifting between this universe and its other darker version. In this alternate reality you will meet Rafael Aguerro, an engineer of the Nishina Station presumed dead in the original Universe! After a few shifts you will reach the director’s office and explain the situation. Director Patel and the researcher Maria Hughes will help you control your shifting and use distortions in the Station to jump from one Universe to the other. Using the Distortions is important to overcome obstacles in the station and eventually solve its puzzle! Once you are able to use the distortions you should head deeper into the station in order to reach the High Energy Research Lab. Before you begin your descent, you can talk to Ethan Hughes and try to persuade him to give you something to fight off hostiles. If you are successful, he will give you the Experiment A-7 Rare Shotgun!

Director Patel

How to Stop the Experiment in Entangled Mission Starfield

Your goal in Entangled is to reach the High Energy Research Lab, disengage all power interlocks and then pull the emergency shutdown to stop the ongoing experiment. Areas of the facility are in lockdown and in order to override them, you will have to jump between the two universes via Distortions! Use the distortions to bypass locked doors or interact with functioning computers until you reach the final area. In both universes there are several hostiles you must defeat in order to proceed. In the original universe there are Robots and Turrets while in the darker, ruined universe the station is overrun with creatures. When you finally arrive in the Research Lab you need to disengage all power interlocks and pull the emergency shutdown. This is where you get to pick which one of the two universes gets to survive!

If you disengage the power interlocks in the original universe, Director Patel and everyone else in the station will survive. Rafael though will remain dead. By picking this option you will earn the Nishina Legendary Armor as a reward but lose Rafael as a potential Companion!

If you disengage the power interlocks in the ruined universe, you will save Rafael but everyone else will die! You can later recruit Rafael as a Companion! There is however a third, “hidden” option that will allow you to save both Universes, keep everyone alive and claim both rewards!

How to Save Both Universes in Entangled Starfield

When you arrive in the Research Lab, you will be in the ruined universe. Fight off all hostile creatures and shift via a Distortion to the original universe. Destroy all Robots and Turrets and search around for Rafael’s body. Take the “Probe Calibration Protocol” from him. This note will show you all the necessary steps you should take in order to save both Universes.

Use the distortion near Rafael to switch Universes and get into the Control Room. There head to the Lab Control Computer and do the following:

  • Pick the Degaussing option.
  • The Computer will give you the numbers of the Power Interlocks that require degaussing.
  • Go to the appropriate Power Interlocks in the lab and press them Off and On.
  • Return to the Lab Control Computer, pick the Degaussing again to receive the Complete status.
  • Repeat the Degaussing process in the other universe(Computer will give you different numbers).
  • Once Degaussing in both universes is complete, pick the Frequency Calibration option.
  • Choose 24GHz as the Output Frequency in the ruined universe.
  • Switch to the Original Universe and choose 40 GHz as the Intake Frequency.
  • Activate the Primary Calibration Control in both Universes.

The Experiment will end and the two universes will merge together! Everybody is now alive and well and you will receive both the Nishina Legendary Armor as well as the option to recruit Rafael as a Companion later in New Atlantis!

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