How to Get Amelia Earhart Companion in Starfield

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Amelia Earhart Companion Starfield

Amelia Earhart is one of the many NPC you can unlock as a Companion in Starfield! However she is not immediately available to hire as a Companion. In order to find her you will have to reach the Charybdis System. Even then you need to complete first the “Operation Starseed” side mission before you can get her as a Companion!

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How to Get Amelia Earhart as a Companion in Starfield

You can recruit Amelia as a Companion only after completing the “Operation Starseed” mission in Starfield! You can find this mission in Charybdis III Planet in the Charybdis system. This is a high level system(65 level) so expect to fight tougher enemies. After you reach level 30 you will eventually receive an activity(got the activity while visiting The Clinic in Narion System), asking to find the distress call in the Charybdis System. Getting there is no easy task. You will need a Ship with more than 23LY jump range and more than 51 fuel consumption. Later in the mission though you will have to make another jump of around 27 LY, so in order to complete the mission successfully your ship will need to be able to make around 28 LY Jumps. To achieve this, upgrade the Grav Drive of your existing Ship or buy a new one that can make the Jump!

amelia earhart companion starfield
Charybdis System

Operation Starseed Mission in Starfield

When you manage to reach the Charybdis System, land and visit the Crucible settlement. Tobias and Ada will meet you and allow you to enter the settlement. Crucible is basically a Settlement of Clones, divided in three groups led by historical figures! Talk to the Groups’ leaders Franklin Roosevelt, Genghis Khan and Amanirenas. They will all ask you to search the Facility on the other side of the planet and help them push their own agenda. You can now also talk to Amelia Earhart. She will ask you to take her with you in your Ship but you can only agree after completing the mission. Another clone you will meet is Wyatt Earp, who triggers another short mission called “Secret Lives“, in which he tells you that he is not who everyone thinks he is and you get to decide how to deal with him!

Genghis Khan in Starfield

Your next step is to fly to the Facility and search around for clues. The Facility is an abandoned underground building, overrun with hostile Alien Creatures. Search around for the clues and do not forget to hack locks for loot! Eventually you will reach a sealed area where you can only enter with the right Security Override Code! There is a level 85 Alien Creature in there that can one-shot you!

amelia earhart companion starfield
High Level Enemy

Return to the Crucible and pick wich group you want to assist! Your next goal is to find the Beagle Starship! Ada will give you the coordinates so you can find the Ship and search for the code. After a few jumps you will reach the Zelazny System(you will need 27+LY Jump capability to reach this system). Board the Beagle and search for the code. There are hostile robots and turrets defending the ship. You can hack them via the computers nearby or destroy them. In a locked safe in the Beagle you can even find the Technophile’s Advanced Solstice unique Laser Pistol! Reach the Beagle Datacore, get the code and return to the Crucible.

Beagle Ship

Attend the Leaders’ meeting(things might go differently depending on the group you have chosen to assist) and then return to the Facility. Open the sealed area with the code and go deeper. This new area is defended by clones armed with Old Earth Weapons. Deal with them, reach the final terminal and reboot with a new Super-Admin of your choice. Return to the Crucible and talk to the remaining Leaders to complete the mission! You can now talk to Amelia and recruit her as your Companion for free!

amelia earhart companion starfield
Companion Skills

Amelia Earhart Companion Skills in Starfield

Amelia only offers a couple skills but they can be quite useful. Her Skills are:

  • Piloting – 2
  • Rifle Certification – 2

Best Builds for Amelia Earhart Companion in Starfield

Amelia skills make her a flexible companion that can assist you in combat and while flying your ship! She is not as good as other, more fleshed out Companions but she can be an asset if you wish to bring her with you. Some Builds that you can use along with Amelia as your Companion are:

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