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Sam Coe Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Sam Coe as a Companion in Starfield! Sam Coe is one of the four main Constellation Companions in Starfield, that you can unlock and bring together while adventuring. Sam Coe is a reliable companion with advanced Piloting and Combat skills.

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How to Get Sam Coe as a Companion in Starfield

To unlock Sam Coe as a Companion you will have to complete missions for the Constellation faction! After completing your first mission with the group, you will receive three more missions. One of those is called “The Empty Nest“. Talk to Sam Coe in the Lodge and head to Akila City. Your first task is to get your hands on Sam family’s old maps that will guide you to the next artifact.

Once you get the maps, head to “The Empty Nest” which is basically a mine occupied by outlaws. Deal with the outlaws inside and outside the mine and retrieve the artifact. Once you are done, exit the mine to find their leader waiting for you. Deal with her via persuasion or violence and return to the Lodge. Place the Artifact to the Collection and talk to Sam. You can now add him as a companion and bring him along with you.

sam coe companion starfield
Sam Coe Skills

Sam Coe Companion Skills in Starfield

As a Companion, Sam comes with some useful skills that make him an asset for combat or your ship. His four skills are:

  • Piloting – 4
  • Rifle Certification – 3
  • Payloads – 2
  • Geology – 1

A reliable companion that can assist you in combat. Great option for combat oriented characters in space or on the ground.

Best Builds for Sam Coe Companion in Starfield

Sam Coe is a reliable companion that can perform well in combat. His Rifle Certification Skill makes him an excellent companion to assist you against multiple enemies. Give him a strong rifle and watch him destroy enemies for you. Some of the Builds you can use along with Sam Coe are:

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