How to Get Moara Otero Companion in Starfield

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Moara Otero Companion Starfield

Moara Otero is one of the several Companions you can unlock in Starfield. If you follow the game’s main mission you will meet Moara early in the game. After that first encounter you will be able to recruit him as one of your Companions when you meet him again. Moara has a mix of combat and Ship support skills to offer.

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How to Get Moara Otero as a Companion in Starfield

Moara Otero is an NPC you will meet early in the game if you decide to follow the main quest. During “The Old Neighborhood” mission, while you search around for a new artifact with Sarah, you will find yourself in Moara’s ship. Rescue him from invaders and ask him to give you his Artifact. He will gladly accept and go his way. This is where your first interaction with Moara ends.

Later you can find him chilling in the Broken Spear bar, in Cydonia, Mars. Start a conversation with him and he will ask to join your crew for free! You can now unlock him as a Companion and assign him to your ship, outposts or bring him along.

moara otero companion starfield
Companion Skills

Moara Otero Companion Skills in Starfield

Moara Otero only has two skills to offer. These are:

  • EM Weapon Systems – 2
  • Marksmanship – 2

A mix of ground and space combat that can offer some assistance when assigned properly.

Best Builds for Moara Otero Companion in Starfield

Moara Otero only offers a few advanced skills, so he is not the best companion you can get. He is however decent and can assist you, depending on your needs. He seems to be more helpful when assigned to your ship, especially if you wish to neutralize and board enemy vessels instead of destroying them. Some Builds you can use with Moara Otero are:

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