How to Get Barrett Companion in Starfield

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Barrett Companion Starfield

How to Unlock Barrett as a Companion in Starfield! Barrett is one of the four main Constellation Companions that you will meet early in the game. His skills make him a good Companion for Starship assignments.

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How to Get Barrett as a Companion in Starfield

Barrett is the first Constellation member you will meet in the game. But in order to unlock him as a Companion you will need to complete a few missions for the faction first. Complete the first two missions of the main quest line, “One Small Step” and “The Old Neighborhood“. After that you will receive a set of three missions that you can complete in any order. One of those missions is the “Back to Vectera“.

In the first part of the mission return to the mine from the Tutorial and talk to Supervisor Lin in order to find where Barrett and Heller are. When you learn their location you will have a chance to recruit Supervisor Lin as a Companion too. Leave the area and go to where the signal sends you. There you will find Heller. Heller is injured near the crashed ship, awaiting for assistance. Talk to him to learn Barrett’s fate! You can now recruit Heller as a Companion too.

Travel to where Barrett is held as a hostage. Clear the enemies outside the location and enter to find Barret chilling with the pirate Matsura. Talk to Matsura and convince him to let Barrett go. If persuasion fails you can always shoot the pirates inside! When Barrett is free return to the Lodge. Talk to Barrett to complete the mission and recruit him as a Companion!

Companion Skills

Barrett Companion Skills in Starfield

Barrett comes with a mix of useful skills that will assist you when flying your ship. His Skills are:

  • Starship Engineering – 4
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 3
  • Robotics – 2
  • Gastronomy – 1

Despite his Robotics skill, Barrett is not the best companion for ground combat. He can be useful when flying your ship though.

Best Builds for Barrett Companion in Starfield

Barrett is not the best Companion to bring in combat. He is a nice companion to assign to your Starship though, thanks to his Starship Engineering and Particle Beam Weapon Systems skills. Some of the Builds you can use along with Barrett are:

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