starfield outposts

Starfield Outposts

Starfield Outposts allow you to create your base everywhere in the game’s galaxy! You can build one or more Outposts on multiple planets and for various reasons. You can create a main Outpost to call your homebase, your home in the stars but also several more for research or resource harvesting. Outposts will be an important part of your gameplay loop in Starfield. As long as you have the right skills and enough materials to build them!

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What are Outposts in Starfield

Outposts are bases the player can build almost everywhere in the game’s galaxy. They can serve different purposes. While exploring in Starfield, you may discover a Planet with beautiful vistas and great conditions. With the outposts feature you can choose to build your homebase there or a smaller base you can visit often. Other locations might be rich in resources that you need or the home to an exotic species you can breed. With this feature you can create specialized Outposts to each location and take advantage of what they have to offer.

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It is even possible to create a research facility, that will focus on specific aspects of Starfield and will help you create items, like weapon mods and even bigger and better Outpost modules!

How to Build Outposts in Starfield

You can build Outposts early in the game. Unlocking the right skills later will allow you to build more and use better modules. Outpost building in Starfield is modular and relies on structures you connect to each other. There are various structures you can use. From habitation modules to military structures and production units. There are even watchtowers you can build in your Outpost, for extra security. There is a build limit when you create an Outpost, so you cannot keep adding structures to it. For a detailed Outposts Guide you can read How to Build an Outpost in Starfield!

How do Outposts Work in Starfield

Outposts require power and a crew to work! The more structures you add, the bigger your needs in power will be. You will have to find the right balance, so the Outpost can work efficiently without power issues. Outposts will also benefit from having a crew. You can assign crew members or even Companions to a specific Outpost, based on their skills and field of expertise! Companions and Crew have specific skills that can be beneficial when they are assigned to an Outpost!

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When an Outpost has enough power to run its facilities and specialized crew, it can produce resources or complete research projects efficiently!

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