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Starfield Exploration

Exploration in Starfield will take you to unknown Worlds and let you discover mysteries never seen before! With over 1000 planets out there awaiting discovery, Exploration is a major part of Starfield’s gameplay. Starfield is using a mix of procedural generation and handcrafted content that creates countless combinations of possibilities. Two players visiting the same area will probably have a different experience and a different story to tell. Which makes the activity of Exploration, unique for every player!

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Types of Exploration in Starfield

There are two types of Exploration in Starfield! Space and Ground Exploration. Both types will offer moments of excitement to the player and the possibility to witness the rich storytelling, Bethesda games are known for. These two types of Exploration have a few basic differences of course.

Space Exploration

Starfield is vast and full of Planets to discover. Traveling with your Spaceship is the only way to find interesting Planets to cover your needs in resources. The main focus of Space Exploration is to survey Planets for resources. But it is not the only activity you can perform in Space! It is possible to encounter other spaceships that will be willing to trade with you or hostile entities that will try to destroy you.

starfield exploration
System Survey

While traveling with your spaceship, it will also be possible to discover other points of interest, like space stations or derelict vessels. Some might be abandoned, while other might have hostiles inside or even friendly NPC in need of assistance. You can dock with Spaceships and Stations and board to explore their interior. Treasures and adventure will be waiting for you in there.

Planet Rings

Asteroid fields full of resources might be waiting for you out there as well! Space in Starfield is vast so there are many possibilities for discovery!

Ground Exploration in Starfield

Ground Exploration will be the main form of Exploration in Starfield! With over 1000 Planets to survey and explore, there is plenty of ground to cover! There are a few activities you can perform while exploring a planet:

  • Survey Flora and Fauna
  • Collect Resources
  • Explore facilities
  • Interact with communities
  • Search points of interest(Caves, Labs, abandoned buildings)
  • Find a spot to build an Outpost
starfield exploration
Collecting Resources

Collecting Resources and Surveying Flora and Fauna is going to be your main Exploration activity in Starfield! Resources are vital for crafting and building in the game after all. Finding a planet abundant to the resource you are after will always feel like hitting the jackpot. Discovering new Alien species will be rewarding as well. Some of the exotic species you can find might be able to produce resources for you in the future.

Surveying Flora

In Starfield players can also build Outposts! So finding the right place for your Outposts will be an important part of Exploration. The place can be perfect because of its proximity to resources or because there are exotic animals and plants nearby you can use or simply because it has a stunning view!

starfield exploration
Point of Interest

Planets will also have unique points of interest scattered on their surface or underground! You might encounter isolated communities in need of assistance or abandoned buildings to explore. Thanks to the procedural generation and handcrafted content combination, there are many opportunities for immersive gameplay, waiting in Starfield’s massive universe!

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