How to Get Kepler Ship in Starfield

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Starfield Kepler Ship

How to Get the Kepler Ship for free in Starfield! The Kepler is a higher Class ship you can get for free by completing a simple side mission. There are two types of ships you can get, the Kepler R or the Kepler S, depending on your dialogue choices during the mission.

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How to Get Kepler Ship in Starfield

To get the Kepler Ship, you need to complete the “Overdesigned” side mission! You will receive this mission from Walter Stroud but only after you have advanced the main quest line of the game. When you complete the “All that Money can Buy” Constellation mission you can talk to Walter again and receive the “Overdesigned” mission. He will ask you to help his company design their new Starship! Visit the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the Narion system and talk to Jules Degante to begin.

Jules will introduce you to the team and ask you to decide the budget size for the new ship. There are two budget options, a smaller one and a “kitchen sink” approach! If you pick the Small Budget you will get the Kepler S ship. The “Kitchen Sink” approach will reward you the Kepler R ship at the end of the mission. While both Ships are great, the Kepler R is a much more potent design with better weapons and cargo hold. To pick the bigger budget you will have to successfully persuade Jules first. If you fail to persuade her, you will have to pay yourself to move on with the bigger budget.

Jules Degante

After that you can give feedback on the team’s proposals and you will have to complete a couple missions to collect market data. Complete one Bounty and one Passenger mission and return to Jules. For the final part of the mission you will have to make the team agree on the design. Pick the first option “The only Fair thing to do is to make everyone give up one compromise“. All you have to do now is go back to Walter and inform him of the conclusion. Walter will reward you with the Kepler Ship.

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Kepler R Stats

Kepler Ship Stats in Starfield

If you have picked the right dialogue options then you will have a brand new Kepler R ship! This is a massive C Class ship with great stats, that you can get relatively early in the game. To be able to fly it though you will need to unlock and rank up the Piloting Tech Skill! Its stats are:

  • Reactor – 24
  • Jump Range – 30 LY
  • Shield – 805
  • Cargo – 3550
  • Hull – 999
  • Fuel – 2800
  • Crew – 6

It also comes equipped with strong Laser and Ballistic Weapons! The Kepler R is an amazing Ship you can get for free that can help you complete almost every activity in Starfield! If you have not picked the above options and went ahead with the smaller budget, you will get instead the Kepler S, a B Class ship with a more compact design that can still be helpful to you! The Kepler S Stats are:

  • Reactor – 18
  • Jump Range – 27 LY
  • Shield – 570
  • Cargo – 3200
  • Hull – 689
  • Fuel – 400
  • Crew – 3

One major drawback of the Kepler S design is that it comes with no weapons equipped. So you will have to add them yourself. Either way, completing this Side Mission is a great way to acquire an amazing new Ship for free and upgrade from your current one, whether it is the Frontier, the Razorleaf or the Star Eagle Ship!

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