The Best Combat Traits in Starfield

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Best Combat Traits in Starfield

The Best Traits for a Combat based Character in Starfield! Which Traits will give you an edge in combat gameplay. Traits in Starfield are optional characteristics you can choose for your Character. They offer a significant advantage that will help you follow a specific play style early in the game, as well as a disadvantage, that you can later remove however.

Traits might be optional but they can help you pursue a certain path in Starfield. Every character can have up to three(3) Traits. Combat Traits are Traits that will offer a boost to your combat capabilities, indirectly by increasing your stats or directly by affecting your performance in combat!

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What are the Best Combat Traits in Starfield

The Best Combat Traits in Starfield, are Traits that affect your combat prowess. This can be directly, by increasing your combat capabilities or indirectly by boosting your primary stats. Below you can find the Best Traits for Combat in Starfield!

1. Wanted

Wanted is by far the Best Combat Trait you can pick in the game. It boosts your damage when your Health is low, allowing you to eliminate threats before they can kill you. Its drawback is that mercenaries will occasionally come after you and try to kill you. Which means more Combat coming your way and opportunities to kill enemies, loot them and level up your skills. So it sounds more like a win-win situation if you plan to fight a lot in Starfield!

2. Empath

Empath is another good Trait for Combat based Characters. Performing actions that your Companions like, will make them more effective in combat and help you defeat enemies easier. On the other hand, if your Companions do not like you that much, they will not perform that well in combat!

3. Spaced

Spaced is a great Trait you can take, if you plan to spend a lot of time in Space! It boosts Health and Oxygen while you are adventuring in Space but these two stats are reduced when you are on the ground.

4. Terra Firma

Terra Firma is the exact opposite of Spaced. It will offer a higher pool of Health and Oxygen while on ground but a reduced pool while in space. Great Trait to get if you plan to spend most of your time exploring planets and fighting on the ground.

5. Alien DNA

The Alien DNA Trait offers an increased pool of Health and oxygen at all times, which makes it perfect for Combat in both Space and Ground! Its major drawback is that healing and food items are not as effective. But you can get rid of this later in the game.

6. Serpent’s Embrace

Serpent’s Embrace also boosts temporarily your Health and oxygen when you grav jump! But you will have to Grav Jump often to keep the buff active.

7. Introvert

Introvert is perfect if you wish to travel alone, without Companions! It will reduce the cost of oxygen when exerting yourself, allowing you to perform more actions in combat! You will consume more oxygen when adventuring with Companions though.

8. Extrovert

The exact opposite of Introvert. Extrovert is great if you enjoy having Companions along with you! It will reduce the oxygen consumption when traveling with Companions but increase it when you are alone.

Picking the right Traits will help you perform better in combat and defeat stronger opponents easily. A combination of the above Traits will offer a nice boost to your Combat capabilities and make the game more enjoyable!

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