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Best Exploration Traits in Starfield

The Best Traits for Exploration in Starfield. Which Traits are the best for the activity of Exploration in Starfield. Traits in Starfield are optional characteristics you can choose for your Character. They offer a significant advantage that will help you follow a specific play style early in the game, as well as a disadvantage, that you can later remove however.

Traits might be optional but they can help you pursue a certain path in Starfield. Every character can have up to three(3) Traits. Exploration Traits will allow you to search an area for longer and help you discover valuable items.

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What are the Best Exploration Traits in Starfield

Traits in Starfield do not offer a direct boost to your Exploration capabilities. They are affecting your capacity to explore indirectly by boosting your oxygen supply and allowing you to stay longer in hostile environments. Below you can find the Best Traits for Exploration in Starfield!

1. Extrovert

Extrovert is reducing your oxygen consumption when you are adventuring along with Companions! It will increase your oxygen consumption if you prefer to explore alone though.

2. Introvert

The exact opposite of Extrovert. It will reduce your oxygen consumption when you are alone but increase it when you are adventuring with Companions! Perfect Trait for a lone explorer play through!

3. Alien DNA

Alien DNA will boost your Health and Oxygen at all times! Its drawback is that healing and food items will not be very effective. Luckily you can get rid of this drawback later in the game.

4. Spaced

Great Trait if you enjoy being in Space more. It will boost your Health and Oxygen when in space but reduce them while on the ground.

5. Terra Firma

The exact opposite of Spaced. Terra Firma will boost your Health and Oxygen while on the ground but reduce them when in space. A solid Exploration Trait, if you plan to spend most of your time exploring Planets.

6. Hero Worshipped

Hero Worshipped is a nice exploration Trait that adds the Adoring Fan as your Companion! This is good because the Adoring Fan comes with the Weight Lifting and Scavenging skills, which allow him to find resources and carry your stuff! Great Trait if you can tolerate him!

7. Serpent’s Embrace

The Serpent’s Embrace Trait boosts temporarily your Health and oxygen when you grav jump! But you will have to Grav Jump often to keep the buff active.

Picking the right Traits will help you become a better explorer and discover more valuable or interesting items! A combination of the above Traits will make Exploration easier and more fun in Starfield!

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