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ESO Arcanist Class

The Arcanist is the newest Class of ESO! The Arcanist will join the other six playable classes of The Elder Scrolls Online with the release of the Necrom Chapter! Although similar in concept to the existing ESO Classes, the Arcanist brings an amazing Lovecraftian vibe to ESO and will introduce a Combo Point System for the first time! A powerful new Class that can channel the power of Apocrypha to destroy enemies but also protect its allies!

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What are the Arcanist Skill Lines in ESO

Like the other Classes, the Arcanist will also have three unique skill lines to pick abilities from! Each line is focusing on a specific aspect of the game. Offense, Defense and Support! You can mix abilities from these lines along with abilities from other Weapon, Guild and other skill lines to create powerful Builds for PVE or PVP Gameplay!

eso arcanist
Arcanist Tentacle Attack

The three skill lines of the new Class are:

  • Herald of the Tome
  • Curative Runeforms
  • Apocryphal Soldier

Herald of the Tome is the offensive skill line of the new Class and is focusing on dealing as much damage as possible! Abilities like Runeblades can launch deadly projectile to enemies while other abilities can bombard enemies with beams, blasts and more. Curative Runeforms is the support line of the Arcanist! Use runes to heal and protect enemies or even abilities like Apocryphal Gate to teleport around an area through gates!

Finally Apocryphal Soldier is the defense focused line of the Class! A line that can boost the defense of you and your group, protect you from harm but also deal damage to attacking enemies with abilities like Runespite Ward! Every skill line will also have its own unique passive abilities and Ultimates that will further enhance the capabilities of Arcanist in ESO!

Arcanist Apocryphal Gate

What is Crux in ESO – Arcanist Combat Point System

Crux is a brand new Combat mechanic, that will come to ESO with the Arcanist Class! Crux is basically a Combat Point System that can enhance the power and overall capabilities of certain Arcanist skills!

Certain Arcanist Class abilities will generate Crux when you use them. You can save Crux up(three maximum) and use it to enhance other skills or even activate special effects on existing Arcanist Skills. Crux is a promising new system that is attempting to spice things up for ESO Combat. More details for Crux and the Arcanist Class in general will be revealed later this year!

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