eso necrom reveal

ESO Necrom Reveal

Necrom is the name of the main Chapter for ESO in 2023! A wonderful new adventure that will take players back to Morrowind, this time the Telvanni Peninsula! Necrom will also allow you to explore Apocrypha, the mysterious domain of the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora! Necrom will present a standalone story, full of mystery and new features, including a brand new Class, the Arcanist! The Arcanist is the seventh Class of The Elder Scrolls Online and an attempt to spice things up with its unique gameplay!

Arcanist Class

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What is the Necrom Chapter Release Date?

From what we have learned from the ESO Necrom Chapter Global Reveal, the new Chapter is planned to release later this year, on June! To be more precise Necrom will release on June 5th 2023 for PC/Mac and June 20th for Consoles!

While the Necrom Chapter is a standalone experience it will still be tied to the other stories told during the year, as part of the Shadow over Morrowind saga! This saga and the year for ESO begins with the Q1 Dungeon DLC, Scribes of Fate! Scribes of Fate will feature two 4-man PVE Dungeons, Scrivener’s Hall and Bal Sunnar. Both dungeons will offer a normal and veteran difficulty, as well as plenty of loot for players to farm! The Scribes of Fate DLC will release on March 13th 2023 for PC/Mac and March 28th 2023 for Consoles.

eso necrom reveal
Scribes of Fate DLC

Arcanist Class – ESO Necrom Reveal

The Arcanist is a brand new Class for ESO and the seventh Class players can pick and play with once the Chapter becomes available! Although similar in concept to the other six playable Classes, the Arcanist introduces a twist to its gameplay and expands the Lovecraftian vibes of the Necrom Chapter! The Arcanist will feature three skill lines with each one focusing on a single aspect of gameplay, offense, defense and support!

Arcanist Gameplay

The Arcanist channels the power of Apocrypha to create ancient runes of power to destroy its enemies or help its allies! Unique powers that allow you to use gates to teleport around the area or even summon tentacles from your hands! With the Arcanist Class, ESO also introduces for the first time a combo point system! With this system certain abilities will build up points that you can use with other abilities to enhance their damage and effects!

Are there New Companions in Necrom Chapter?

The Necrom Chapter will introduce two New Companions to the game! An Argonian male Warden and a Redguard male Arcanist will join the group of the other four existing ESO Companions and will help you in combat!

necrom companions
Necrom Companions

The Redguard Arcanist Azandar Al-Cybiades and the Argonian Warden Sharp-As-Night will offer you their unique skill set in combat but also allow you to uncover their personal stories!

Other Features

Like always the new Chapter will introduce a plethora of Quests and encounters to the game! Dark delves, Overworld enemies and more threats are waiting in the Telvanni Peninsula and the Apocrypha zones! The Chapter will also feature a 12-man Trial that will offer the maximum challenge, as well as brand new Overland, Crafted and Trial Sets to farm! New antiquities to collect, including powerful Mythic Items that will alter your gameplay and offer a refreshing approach to ESO adventure! The Necrom Chapter will also introduce the newest Tales of Tribute Deck to ESO, the Almalexia Deck!

Necrom Chapter Purchase Options

The Chapter releases on June 5/June 20 but you can purchase it right now and earn some unique rewards in-game! If you pre-purchase now you will get immediate access to the Sadrith Mora Spore Steed mount and Sadrith Mora Spore Pony pet(available as a pre-purchase reward only until April 18th 2023), in addition to the following rewards at release:

  • Sadrith Mora Formal Attire costume
  • Apocryphal Bookwyrm pet
  • Unfeathered crate
  • Telvanni Peninsula treasure maps
  • 2×100% Experience scrolls
eso necrom reveal
Pre-Purchase Rewards

New players can pick up the The Elder Scrols Collection: Necrom, that gives access to the base game, all previous six Chapters(High Isle, Blackwood, Greymoor, Elsweyr, Summerset, Morrowind) and Necrom at launch! Existing players can buy the The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Necrom, that unlocks the new Chapter at launch! Each version offers a Deluxe edition that will reward you at launch with the following items:

  • Hermitage Servitor mount
  • Cipher’s Eye Pocket Watcher pet 
  • Dark Lady’s Headrest memento
  • Knowledge Eater Armor outfit style
  • Leaning / Sitting / Standing Scholar emotes

The Deluxe Collection version will also reward you with the Collector’s Edition rewards from all previous ESO Chapters!

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