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ESO Greymoor

ESO Greymoor Release Date

Greymoor is the new, major chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online in 2020. Following the successful style of Elsweyr, Greymoor will also introduce a Year-Long Story to ESO. This time a gothic, darker storyline that will take us back to Skyrim and pit us against Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. Greymoor is planned to release on May 18th for PC/Mac and on June 2nd for XBOX One, PS4.

Greymoor Features

Like every other chapter before it, Greymoor will add a new zone, quests, delves, Public Dungeons and a new 12-man Trial to the game. But this new chapter also brings a total revamp to Vampire Skills and a brand new system, called Antiquities.

Zone & Content

This year we are traveling back to Skyrim and more specifically, Western Skyrim. Familiar and popular places, players have learned to love in TES V: Skyrim will be making their appearance for the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online. Solitude and the deepest depths of Blackreach waiting players to uncover their secrets. The new zone will have several points of interest to explore, including new delves, public dungeons and Harrowstorms, World Events that will replace dolmens in the zone and work similarly to Dragons in Elsweyr. The atmosphere of the zone and the main storyline will be darker than the previous chapter and will resemble more that of Rivenspire.

eso greymoor

Kyne’s Aegis

Kyne’s Aegis is the name of the new 12-man Trial in the new zone. Its size and design will be similar to Sunspire in Elsweyr with Bosses’ hard modes and a unique reward and title for its hardest achievement. Most likely something like Godslayer from Sunspire.

Vampires Revamp

One of the biggest changes with Greymoor has to do with Vampires in ESO. The skill-line will get a total revamp that will probably turn it into a more active line with a new cooler Ultimate. Unlike Vampires in the game right now, with the new chapter players will have to feed regularly in order to benefit from the class’ strong skills.

Antiquites & Mythic Items

Without any doubt the biggest addition to the game with Greymoor. Antiquities is the biggest non-combat system coming to ESO since the introduction of Housing. Basically a cool new Treasure Hunting profession. The Antiquities system is divided in two new mini-games that can take you everywhere in Tamriel, including DLC and Base game’s zones, to unearth treasures and new items. With this system players can discover trophies for their houses, cosmetic items and emotes, a unique mount, a new PVP siege weapon and Mythic Items!

Mythic Items is another major addition with Greymoor. They are item sets with unique properties that players can wear only one at a time. These new Mythic Items will probably affect the way you play the game and may end up being very powerful.

eso greymoor

Harrowstorm DLC

The new Year-Long story will kick off with the Q1 DLC, Harrowstorm. A dungeon DLC that will introduce two new dungeons in ESO. Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. In Icereach you have to fight your way through frigid ruins and put an end to an unholy ritual.

In Unhallowed Grave players must explore a long-forgotten burial ground and stop a group of merciless graverobbers from looting its ancient remains. Harrowstorm will be available on the Public Test Server this coming Week starting Monday 20th 2020. More info on Greymoor and the Antiquities system will become available closer to release.

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