High Isle Skyshards Location

The High Isle Chapter adds eighteen new Skyshards to The Elder Scrolls Online, that will reward you with six new Skill Points. The Skyshards can be found around High Isle and Amenos and inside the zone’s Delves and Public Dungeons. High Isle has in total six new Delves and two new Public Dungeons. You can find a Skyshard in every single one of them. By collecting them all you can also complete the High Isle Skyshard Hunter Achievement.

High Isle Skyshards Location

Collecting Skyshards around High Isle, rewards you with new skill points but also the appropriate achievement. You can find six Skyshards inside Delves, two inside Public Dungeons and ten around the zone Overworld. These are the new Skyshards in the High Isle zone and where you can find them.

high isle skyshards
High Isle Skyshards Location

1. High above the river across from the Firepot. On a hill across the Firepot Delve, on Southern High Isle.

2. Under the middle bridge spanning Loch Abhain. North of Gonfalon Bay, under the bridge.

3. By a beach near the bridge on High Isle’s southern coast. South of Coral Road Wayshrine on Southern High Isle.

4. Hidden in the rocks above Jheury’s Cove on High Isle. On Jheury’s Cove point of interest, on the Western coast of High Isle.

5. Just West of a pointed rock on High Isle’s northernmost beach. On the northernmost part of High Isle.

6. In the shadow of All Flags Castle’s north wall. On the northern part of the small island in the center of High Isle.

7. Overlooking the volcanic vent north of Tor Draioch. North West of Tor Draioch, above the volcanic vent in the area.

8. In the heart of the river canyon east of Amenos Station. East of Amenos Station on Amenos Island.

9. On the shore of the Flooded Coast below Snake’s Eye View. West of the Flooded Coast Wayshrine on Amenos Island.

10. By a bay full of wrecked ships along Skultooth Coast. North of Skultooth Coast on Amenos Island.

11. Follow a climbing path on the Southern side of Ghost Haven Bay. In the second level of Ghost Haven Bay Public Dungeon, Amenos Island.

Ghost Haven Bay Skyshard

12. In the hedge maze of the Spire of the Crimson Coin. On the Eastern part of the Spire of the Crimson Coin Public Dungeon, High Isle.

high isle skyshards
Spire of the Crimson Coin Skyshard

13. On a ledge above a pool in the back of Breakwater Cave. On the Northern part of Breakwater Cave Delve.

Breakwater Cave Skyshard

14. Guarded by the dead in Death’s Valor Keep. On the first level of Death’s Valor Keep Delve.

high isle skyshards
Death’s Valor Keep Skyshard

15. At one end of a natural bridge in the heart of the Firepot. On the Western part of the Firepot Delve.

The Firepot Skyshard

16. At the end of a winding path high above Shipwreck Shoals. On the Western part of Shipwreck Shoals Delve.

high isle skyshards
Shipwreck Shoals Skyshard

17. By a blue tree within the caverns of Coral Cliffs. On the Northern part of Coral Cliffs Delve.

Coral Cliffs Skyshard

18. Hidden high among the rocky ridges of Whalefall. Inside the Whalefall Delve, West of the entrance.

Whalefall Skyshard

Happy Skyshard hunting and enjoy your new Skill Points!

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