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ESO Syzygy Achievement

Syzygy is an Exploration achievement in ESO, that you can complete in the Apocrypha zone! To gain access to the zone you must own the Necrom DLC! The Syzygy achievement will reward you with the Outfit Style: Shroomtender Sash and is part of the bigger achievement “Traveler of strange Roads“, along with a few other achievements. These achievements are:

Completing all four of them will grant you the “Traveler of strange Roads” achievement and reward you with the Outfit Style: Shroomtender Epaulets!

Syzygy Achievement

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How to get the Syzygy Achievement in ESO

In order to get the Syzygy achievement, you will have to find the location of four Aberrant Hushed NPC! They are relatively easy to locate, since they are praying in front of an ominous looking altar, surrounded with a green fog!

Aberrant Hushed

Where to find Aberrant Hushed in ESO

You can find all four Aberrant Hushed NPC in the Eastern part of the Apocrypha zone! To enter the zone you must own the Necrom DLC! Once you find an Aberrant Hushed, interact with them. They will get up and start walking towards a certain direction, showing you where you have to go once you have found all four of them!

eso syzygy
Syzygy Achievement Map

Once you have interacted with all four, head to the “Syzygial Rostrum” point of interest, South of Cipher’s Midden village and interact with the Aberrant Stele in the middle of the area! This will unlock the Achievement and reward you with the Outfit Style!

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