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ESO Grave Discoveries Achievement

Grave Discoveries is an Exploration achievement in ESO, that you can complete in the Telvanni Peninsula zone! To gain access to the zone you must own the Necrom DLC! This is part of the bigger achievement “Traveler of strange Roads“, along with a few other achievements. These achievements are:

Completing all four of them will grant you the “Traveler of strange Roads” achievement and reward you with the Outfit Style: Shroomtender Epaulets!

eso grave discoveries
Grave Discoveries Achievement

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How to get the Grave Discoveries Achievement in ESO

In order to get the Grave Discoveries achievement, you will have to find the location of seven Weathered Gravestones, in the Telvanni Peninsula! Most Gravestones are cleverly hidden around the zone, inside small rooms carved in rocks.

eso grave discoveries
Weathered Gravestone

Where to find Weathered Gravestones in ESO

You can find all seven Weathered Gravestones around the Telvanni Peninsula zone! To enter the zone you must own the Necrom DLC! Once you find a Gravestone, interact with it to register it for the Achievement. On the map below you can see the location of all Gravestones.

Grave Discoveries Map
  1. Sunvys Golsathyn Gravestone. On a small island South of Ald Isra.
  2. Savienie Mavlyn Gravestone. South of Sailenmora, near the Lava.
  3. Elovul Alarndil Gravestone. On top of the Waterfall, Noth East of Sailenmora.
  4. Favami Seravel Gravestone. North of Nightmare Den, near the shore.
  5. Triys Rehlo Gravestone. South of Tel Hlurag Ven crafting stations, in the mountain pass.
  6. Dayldela Gilrom Gravestone. Between Tel Rendys and Nightmare Den.
  7. Aralos Sarvrothi Gravestone. South of the Deshaan Gate.

When you find and interact with all seven Gravestones, you will unlock the Achievement!

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