Trifold Mirror of Alternatives Leads ESO


Trifold Mirror of Alternatives Leads

The Trifold Mirror of Alternatives is a special in-game reward in ESO with the system of Antiquities. This special item consists of three different fragments that players can find with the help of the Scrying and Excavation skill-lines. To be able to use these two skill-lines, players must own the Greymoor Chapter and have completed the introductory quest for the Antiquities system.

This will allow you to Scry for Leads that will lead you to excavation sites where you can find each one of the fragments. The higher the quality of a fragment, the higher the difficulty of scrying and excavating for it. This Furnishing Guide will help you find all the Leads necessary to create the item. You can place the Trifold Mirror in your House!

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How to find all Trifold Mirror of Alternatives Leads Location in ESO

You can find the Leads for the Mirror by completing specific tasks in ESO, including in the zones of Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. The Necrom DLC is required to access these zones. This is where you can find the Trifold Mirror Leads Locations:

LeadLead DropDig Zone
Liminal GlassWalking Nightmare Overworld Boss, Nightmare Den in Telvanni Peninsula zoneTelvanni Peninsula
Runic LegsThe Steadfast Regulator Boss, Halls of Regulation Delve in Clockwork City zoneTelvanni Peninsula
Umbral FrameCipher Gelon, Quires Wind Delve Boss, Apocrypha zoneTelvanni Peninsula

You can find more info for every Lead below.

1. Where to find Liminal Glass Lead in ESO

The Lead can drop from the Walking Nightmare Overworld Boss in the Telvanni Peninsula zone. You can find the boss on the Northern part of the zone in Nightmare Den point of interest.

2. Where to find Runic Legs Lead in ESO

Has a chance to drop from The Steadfast Regulator Boss inside Halls of Regulation Delve, in Clockwork City zone. The Clockwork City DLC is required to access the zone.

3. Where to find Umbral Frame Lead in ESO

This Lead has a chance to drop from Cipher Gelon Boss, inside the Quires Wind Delve in Apocrypha zone.

How to Get Trifold Mirror of Alternatives in ESO

Once you find all leads, head to the appropriate zone(All Telvanni Peninsula) and excavate their fragments. When you excavate all three of them the Mirror will appear in your inventory.

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