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Starfield Keelhauler Pistol

How to Get the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol in Starfield! The Keelhauler is a legendary, Unique Pistol in Starfield, based on the Magshot model. To acquire it you have to join the Crimson Fleet and advance the Faction’s Missions.

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How to Get Keelhauler Pistol in Starfield

The Keelhauler is a Unique Pistol that you can get only by joining the Crimson Fleet Faction and advancing their missions! There are a couple fast ways you can join the Crimson Fleet:

  • Get caught stealing by the UC
  • Join the Vanguard and wait to receive the “Deep Cover” mission

In both cases UC will send you as an undercover agent to join the Crimson Fleet! You will eventually arrive at “The Key“, the Fleet’s homebase and meet Delgado, the Crimson Fleet leader. You will get the Keelhauler as a reward from Delgado, for completing the third faction mission “Echoes of the Past“.


Keelhauler Pistol Stats in Starfield

The Keelhauler is a special variant of the Magshot with a nice red paint and great stats! It comes with three Traits and six Weapon Mods equipped! Its Traits are:

  • Staggering: Small chance to stagger enemies.
  • Berserker: Does more damage the less armor one has.
  • Frenzy: Small chance to frenzy a target.

Its Weapon mods are:

  • Magnetic Rails
  • Recon Laser Sight
  • Compensator
  • Tactical Magazine
  • Hair Trigger
  • Fully Automatic
starfield keelhauler
Keelhauler Stats

The Keelhauler deals 226 Physical damage(63 base damage), has a fire rate of 189 and a range of 26 meters. Which make it a great option as a main weapon for a Pistol Expert Build or a secondary weapon for other Builds! The Weapon Stats and modifications depend on the level you will get it as a reward.