How to Get Wakizashi Katana Early in Starfield

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Starfield Wakizashi

How to Get the Wakizashi Katana early in Starfield! Wakizashi is one of the best melee weapons you can get in Starfield. If you wish to create a melee Build, this Katana is one of the best options. You can find Wakizashi early in the game by visiting Neon and completing a specific Quest!

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How to Get Wakizashi Early in Starfield

Wakizashi is one of the best Melee Weapons you can find in Starfield! You can find it early and enhance your Melee focused Build by visiting Neon! When you arrive in the city head to the Ebbside part. There, find the Madame Sauvage’s Place Bar and talk to Andrea Sandoval. You can ask her to join her gang, the “Ebbside Strikers“. Andrea will introduce you to the gang’s leader who will assign you a mission called “The Audition“. Complete the mission to join the gang and gain access to their vendor Hatchet. From Hachet you can purchase the Wakizashi Katana and this is the easiest way to find this powerful Weapon early.

starfield wakizashi
Andrea Sandoval

Inside Madame Sauvage’s Place Bar you can also unlock Sophia Grace as a Companion! So visiting the place has multiple benefits.

Wakizashi Katana Stats in Starfield

Wakizashi is one of the best Weapons you can use in order to enhance your Melee focused Builds, whether they play as a Brawler or a Stealth Assassin! The Weapon has the following stats:

  • Damage: 49
  • Mass: 1.35

Only the Va’Ruun Painblade offers better base damage than Wakizashi, which makes it a must-have Weapon if you wish to follow the melee damage path in the game!

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