starfield x-989 microgun
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Starfield X-989 Microgun

How to Get the X-989 Microgun Unique Weapon in Starfield! The X-989 is a Unique variation of the Microgun Ballistic Heavy Weapon, that can complement your build and help you destroy tough Alien enemies, like Terrormorphs! To obtain the weapon you need to advance the Vanguard Faction Quest line and complete an optional task.

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How to Get X-989 Microgun Weapon in Starfield

To obtain the X-989 Microgun Unique Weapon, you need to advance the Vanguard quest line, up to the “Hostile Intelligence” mission! During this mission, you will visit Londinion in order to gather samples that will help you fight the Terrormorphs. The mission begins with you landing on Forward Base 441 in Toliman II planet of the Toliman System. After a short briefing from Commander Hatoum, you will be given the optional task to visit the armory and grab new gear. Go to the Armory, grab the Sentinel Antixeno Spacesuit and talk to the United Colonies Agent. He will then hand you the X-989 Microgun! This is a powerful version of the base Microgun heavy weapon that comes with special traits and Weapon Mods!

starfield x-989 microgun
X-989 Microgun

X-989 Microgun Weapon Stats in Starfield

The X-989 Microgun is a Unique variation of the Microgun Heavy Weapon with powerful Traits and a few Weapon Mods equipped! Thanks to its Exterminator Trait, it is an excellent weapon to deal with Terrormorphs and Alien creatures in general. It has two Traits:

  • Lacerate: Randomly applies a Bleed effect to the target.
  • Exterminator: +30% damage against aliens.

The X-989 Microgun also has three Weapon Mods equipped:

  • Recon Laser Sight
  • Tactical Grip
  • Tactical Magazine

A superb option for Heavy Weapon Builds, that can help you defeat tougher enemies with ease! If you wish to learn more about Weapons, you can read my Starfield Weapons Guide!