Diablo 4 Paragon Board Guide

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Diablo 4 Paragon Board

The Paragon Board in Diablo 4 is a powerful gameplay system, that allows you to expand and enhance the capabilities of your characters! Paragon Points let you unlock new effects that can complement your Build and make you stronger. Allocating points properly to your Paragon Boards is essential for reaching higher Tiers of World difficulty and clearing endgame content, like Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides with ease!

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How Does Paragon Board Works in Diablo 4

Players gain access to the Paragon Board system once they reach level 50. At this point you will start earning Paragon Points instead of skill points. By allocating the Points to Paragon Boards you increase your attributes and unlock Nodes that offer various effects! After level 50 you earn four(4) Paragon Points for every level you gain. One Point when you reach a new level and three more when you reach certain Experience thresholds, as seen on your EXP Bar! In total you can earn up to 225 Paragon Points in the game!

diablo 4 paragon board
Paragon Points

You can allocate those points on your Paragon Boards to increase your attributes and unlock new effects from various Nodes. Every Class has nine(9) unique Boards that offer specific effects, which can complement and enhance your Build. You start allocating points on the starting Board for every Class. When you reach the “Attachment Gate” you can attach a Board of your choice. Pick a Board that offers effects that will help your Build. So for example if you are running a Cold damage Sorcerer freezing enemies, you should pick Boards that enhance that type of gameplay.

Board Attachment Gate

Board Attachments Gates” boost all of your attributes by 5 points. You can preview the Board you wish to attach and even rotate them, so you can reach faster your target in that specific Board. Nodes and Glyph sockets are very important when allocating Paragon Points. You should unlock as many Glyph sockets and use as many Glyphs as possible in your Paragon Boards. Like wise unlocking Rare and Legendary Nodes is important as well. Usually Legendary Nodes and Glyph sockets are not close to each other, so you will have to pick one of the two before moving to the next Board.

diablo 4 paragon board
Rare Node

Paragon Nodes in Diablo 4

Every Board has Magic(Blue), Rare(Yellow) and Legendary(Orange) Nodes you can unlock for various bonuses! Your goal is to create a path through your Boards that unlocks Glyphs and as many Nodes as possible. Nodes offer unique effects that can make you stronger but not all of them are the best for every Build. If you rely on Vulnerable Damage to defeat enemies, then unlocking Nodes that boost your Vulnerable Damage is essential for your Build. There are always five Magic Nodes around a Rare Node. Legendary Nodes are further away and you will have to allocate a few extra points to reach and unlock them.

diablo 4 paragon board
Legendary Node

Magic Nodes offer a boost to attributes or a specific effect. Rare Nodes offer an attribute Bonus and a specific effect when you unlock them. Additionally when you meet certain criteria you can unlock additional effects for your character. The more Boards you attach, the higher the required criteria to unlock extra bonuses. Rare Nodes are very important for your Builds. Finally Legendary Nodes offer gameplay altering bonuses that can transform your entire Build!

diablo 4 paragon board

Glyphs in Diablo 4 Paragon Board

Unlocking Glyph Sockets in your Paragon Boards, is very useful as well. Every Board has a Glyph Socket, where you can place a Glyph of your choice. Glyphs offer powerful effects that can define your entire Build. They can also affect the Nodes around them. Glyphs in the Paragon Board have a certain radius that you can increase by upgrading them in Nightmare Dungeons! Every time you complete a Nightmare Dungeon you earn points for your Glyphs. Allocating those Points to a Glyph will upgrade it.

Glyph Upgrade

The Paragon Board is a powerful system in Diablo 4 that will help you become stronger and clear harder content!

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