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ESO Housing

Housing in ESO is a detailed and fun activity, that allows players to buy and decorate their own House! There are several Houses you can purchase in ESO and thousands of furnishings you can purchase, craft and place! This creates a dynamic activity with endless combinations that many players consider as the true end game of ESO!

You can start enjoying Housing at any time but you will need a lot of Gold to be able to buy and decorate Houses! There is no limit to the number of Houses you can purchase. This ESO Housing Guide will show you the various aspects of this enjoyable activity, as well as all the available Houses in ESO!

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How to Start with Housing in ESO

Getting started with Housing is rather easy! Accept the free Crown Store Quest: “Room to Spare” and talk to Felande Demarie at the starter zone of your Alliance! After a short introduction she will give you your first house for free! It is a small Inn room but it is still your first ESO House!

eso housing
Room to Spare Quest

You can alternatively find Felande Demarie in the starter town of your Alliance directly without accepting the Crown Store Quest first! The room you get as your first House depends on your alliance. The available Inn Rooms, depending on player Alliance are:

  • Mara’s Kiss Public House in Vulkhel Guard, Auridon(Aldmeri Dominion)
  • The Rosy Lion in Daggerfall, Glenumbra(Daggerfall Covenant)
  • The Ebony Flask in Ebonheart, Stonefalls(Ebonheart Pact)

Every ESO Chapter adds a new Inn Room you can purchase, so you can have a small House in every location!

Types of Houses in ESO

There are a few different types of Houses you can buy in ESO! The larger the House the more expensive to get but also offers more benefits! In general you can buy a House with both Gold or Crowns(premium currency) but some of the largest are only available to buy with Crowns. Houses are account wide so you can buy them with one character but you can use them with all! These are the various types of Houses in ESO and their furnishings limitations:

TypeFurnishings(Normal)Furnishings(Special)Furnishings(Collectible)Special CollectiblesPlayer Cap
Inn Rooms151112
Small Houses1002526
Medium Houses200310312
Large Houses300420412

The larger a House the more furnishings and other items you can place and of course the more expensive it is! Furnishing and other items limits, except player cap, are doubled for ESO Plus subscribers!

Amaya Lake Lodge Large House

How to Buy a House in ESO

You can buy a House in ESO by simply visiting the location or directly from the Crown Store! You have the option to spend Gold or Crowns if both currencies are available. It is also possible to buy a House as “Unfurnished” or “Furnished“. Furnished Houses however are only available in Crowns!

eso housing
House Buying Options

Some Houses might require you to complete a specific zone achievement before you can buy them! Once you buy a House you can teleport to it for free and use it to place items, mounts or furnishings! It is possible to buy every House in ESO!

List of ESO Houses

There are several Houses available for purchase in ESO! Every zone offers a variety of Houses in different size for the player to choose from. More Houses keep getting added to ESO with new zones! Below you can see a list of all available ESO Houses right now!

HouseTypeZoneCost(Gold)Cost(Crowns – Unfurnished)
Mara’s KissInn RoomVulkhell Guard, Auridon3000x
The Ebony FlaskInn RoomEbonheart, Stonefalls3000x
The Rosy LionInn RoomDaggerfall, Glenumbra3000x
Ancient Anchor BerthInn RoomGonfalon Bay, High Isle3000x
Golden Gryphon GarretInn RoomAlinor, Summerset3000x
Pilgrim’s RestInn RoomLeyawiin, Blackwood3000x
Saint Delyn PenthouseInn RoomVivec City, Vvardenfell3000x
Snowmelt SuiteInn RoomSolitude, Western Skyrim3000x
Sugar Bowl SuiteInn RoomRimmen, Northern Elsweyr3000x
Journey’s End LodgingsInn RoomNecrom, Telvanni Peninsula3000x
Barbed Hook Private RoomAppartmentSkywatch, Auridon11000600
Flaming Nix Deluxe GarretAppartmentMournhold, Deshaan13000660
Sisters of the SandApartmentSentinel, Alik’r Desert12000640
Autumn’s GateSmallNimalten, The Rift600002350
Black Vine VillaSmallBaandari Trading Post, Malabal Tor540002250
Captain Margaux’s PlaceSmallDaggerfall, Glenumbra560002300
Cyrodilic Jungle HouseSmallBaandari Trading Post710002550
Hammerdeath BungalowSmallHammerdeath Arena, Stormhaven650002400
HumblemudSmallDhalmora, Bal Foyen400002100
KragenhomeSmallKragenmoor, Stonefalls690002500
Moonmirth HouseSmallLaughing Moons Plantation, Khenarthi’s Roost500002200
SnugpodSmallElden Root, Grahtwood450002150
Twin ArchesSmallHallin’s Stand, Bangkorai730002600
Ald Velothi Harbor HouseMediumGnisis, Vvardenfell3220004000
Bouldertree RefugeMediumLonghaven, Greenshade1900003500
CliffshadeMediumMarbruk, Greenshade2550003600
Domus PhrasticusMediumElinhir, Craglorn2950004000
Exorcised Coven CottageMediumAldcroft, Glenumbra2500003500
Frostvault ChasmMediumEastmarchx4400
Grymharth’s WoeMediumWindhelm, Eastmarch2800003800
House of the Silent MagnificoMediumSentinel, Alik’r Desert3200004100
Lucky Cat LandingMediumSenchal, Southern Elsweyrx4400
Mournoth KeepMediumHalcyon Lake, Bangkorai3250004300
RavenhurstMediumFell’s Run, Rivenspire2600003500
Sleek Creek HouseMediumRawl’kha, Reaper’s March3350004400
The Ample DomicileMediumStormhold, Shadowfen1950003520
Velothi ReverieMediumNarsis, Deshaan3230004200
Alinor Crest TownhouseLargeAlinor, Summerset10250006000
Amaya Lake LodgeLargeVivec City, Vvardenfell13000007000
Antiquarian’s Alpine GalleryLargeHjaalmarch, Western SkyrimEvent Reward7000
Coldharbour Surreal EstateLargeThe Hollow City, Coldharbour10000005600
DawnshadowLargeDune, Reaper’s March12750006200
Emissary’s EnclaveLargeNecrom, Telvanni Peninsula13000000TBD
Enchanted Snow Globe HomeLargeWindhelm, Eastmarchx4200
Forgemaster FallsLargeGreat Bay, Wrothgarx6200
Forsaken StrongholdLargeLakewatch Tower, Bangkorai12850006400
Gardner HouseLargeWayrest, Stormhaven10150005700
Hunding’s Palatial HallLargePort Hunding, Stros M’kai12950006500
Kelesan’ruhnLargeTelvanni PeninsulaEvent RewardTBD
Mathiisen ManorLargeMathiisen, Auridon10250006000
Old Mistveil ManorLargeRiften, The Rift10200005800
Proudspire ManorLargeSolitude, Western Skyrim10500006000
Quondam IndoriliaLargeMournhold, Deshaan12650006100
Stay-Moist MansionLargeAlten Corimont, Shadowfen7600005500
Striden Springs DemenseLargeArenthia, Reaper’s March12800006300
The Gorinir EstateLargeCormount, Grahtwood7800005600
Water’s EdgeLargeLeyawiin, Blackwood10500006200
Agony’s AscentManorAnnihilarch’s Summit, Deadlandsx14000
Bastion SanguinarisManorBlackreach: Greymoor Caverns, Western Skyrimx14000
Colossal Aldmeri GrottoManorAlinor Docks, Summersetx15000
Daggerfall OverlookManorDaggerfall, Glenumbra378000011000
Doomchar PlateauManorDra’bul Wayshrine, Malabal TorCollectible Rewardx
Earthtear CavernManorBuried Sands, Craglornx13000
Ebonheart ChateauManorEbonheart, Stonefalls378500012000
Elinhir Private ArenaManorElinhir, Craglornx9600
Fair WindsManorSystres Islesx14000
Fogbreak LighthouseManorHigh Islex11000
Gladesong ArboretumManorTelvanni PeninsulaxTBD
Grand Psijic VillaManorArtaeumEvent Reward14000
Grand Topal HidewayManorTopal Bay Island, Grahtwoodx15000
Hakkvild’s High HallManorAetherian Archive, Craglorn380000012000
Hall of the Lunar ChampionManorRimmen, Northern ElsweyrQuest Rewardx
Highhallow HoldManorGonfalon Bay, High Islex10000
Hunter’s GladeManorFort Greenwall, The Riftx8000
Jode’s EmbraceManorRiverhold, Northern Elsweyrx14000
Kushalit SanctuaryManorAld Carac, Vvardenfellx13000
Lakemire Xanmeer ManorManorTeeth of Sithis, Murkmirex15000
Linchal Grand ManorManorKvatch, The Gold Coastx14000
Moon-Sugar MeadowManorMerryvale Farms, Northern Elsweyrx6400
Ossa AccentiumManorFargravex10000
Pantherfang ChapelManorBloodrun Wayshrine, Blackwoodx14000
Pariah’s PinnacleManorNyzchaleft Falls, Wrothgarx13000
Potentate’s RetreatManorSouthern Elsweyrx13000
Princely Dawnlight PalaceManorAbah’s Landing, Hew’s Banex14000
Seaveil SpireManorStonetooth Fortress, Betnikhx14000
Serenity Falls EstateManorS’ren-ja, Reaper’s March377500010000
Shadow Queen’s LabyrinthManorBrass Fortress, Clockwork Cityx13000
Shalidor’s Shrouded RealmManorMorthal, Western Skyrimx13000
Stillwaters RetreatManorFrozen Coast Wayshrine, Western Skyrimx7000
Stone Eagle AerieManorMarkarth, The Reachx12000
Sweetwater CascadesManorBorderwatch Wayshrine, Blackwoodx13000
Sword-Singer’s RedoubtManorAlik’r DesertxTBD
Tel GalenManorSadrith Mora, Vvardenfellx8000
The Erstwhile SanctuaryManorKvatch, The Gold Coastx13000
The Observatory PriorManorClockwork Cityx12000
Thieves’ OasisManorOld Tower Wayshrine, Bangkoraix13000
Tower of Unutterable TruthsManorApocryphax13000
Varlaisvea Ayleid RuinsManorKnightsgrave, Gold Coastx12000
Willowpond HavenManorBlackwoodx13000
WraithhomeManorSanguine Barrows Wayshrine, Rivenspirex14000

Crown only Houses are not always available. They become available to purchase for a limited time in specific occasions. So if you are after a House like that, you will have to keep an eye for an announcement.

What are the Benefits of having a House in ESO

Owning a House(or more) in ESO can be very helpful! First of all you can use your House as a free teleport point and reach certain zones fast! You can teleport inside or outside of your house from everywhere in the game(excluding the PVP zones of Cyrodiil and Imperial City). This allows you to reach points of interest faster and without paying a fee.

Housing Travel Options

Another great reason to have a house is the additional storage space for your account! It is possible to place storage items that allow you to save more item sets or consumables than you can in your Bank! Increasing like this the amount of items you can loot and save for later use.

Placing crafting stations, Mundus, training dummies, House guests and other special items will also help you with creating Builds for PVE or PVP and practicing your rotations!

Houses are also a great way to meet with your in-game friends or they can also serve as Guild Halls where you train and socialize with your fellow guild members.

eso housing
Crafting Area in your House

How to obtain furnishings for Housing in ESO

There are a few different ways you can obtain furnishing for your Houses in ESO! The first and easier one is to buy them from the Crown Store! There are several special furnishings always on sale in the Crown Store and you can even buy collections of items for a specific purpose!

Furnishing Collections in Crown Store

Another way is to craft them! Crafting furnishings is not only a more rewarding way to decorate your House but also a great way to make Gold in ESO! Every Crafting Profession in ESO has a special Furnishings Crafting Option, that is using a special material. You can find the material while harvesting normal Crafting materials. The furnishing crafting and special material you can use for each profession are:

  • Alchemy: Formulae – Alchemical Resin
  • Blacksmithing: Diagrams – Regulus
  • Clothing: Patterns – Bast, Clean Pelts
  • Enchanting: Praxis – Mundane Runes
  • Jewelry Crafting: Sketches – Ochre
  • Provisioning: Designs – Decorative Wax
  • Woodworking: Blueprints – Heartwood
eso housing
Crafting Furnishings

To craft a furnishing you need to know first its crafting recipe! You can buy the most common ones from vendor NPC around Towns. To obtain the rest you will have to be lucky while adventuring or stealing! Playing as a Thief is a great way to collect valuable furnishing recipes, especially from newly added zones! A dedicated Thief Build like my Cloak and Dagger Nightblade Thief can be very helpful for that type of gameplay!

Another way to get crafting recipes is by exchanging Writ Vouchers with Rolis Hlaalu or Faustina Curio at the Capital of your Alliance!

Rolis Hlaalu

Finally you can also buy furnishings from the Luxury Furnishing Vendor that appears every Weekend in the Hollow City, Coldharbour!

How to Place Items in your House in ESO

When inside your House press F5 to open the housing editor! When in this mode you can interact with items that are already placed in your House! Move them around or even set paths for your Mounts, Pets and House Guests!

eso housing
Interact with Items

When in this mode if you press “R” you will open a new menu with a few tabs to choose from:

  • Place, shows you a list with all the available to you items, pets, mounts and more that you can place in your House!
  • Purchase, allows you to buy new items with crowns and place them to your house.
  • Retrieve, makes it easier to retrieve items you have placed in your houses!
  • Settings, where you adjust the permissions and other options for your House!
Housing Options

Housing in ESO is always getting updates and placing items can be very detailed! By following the instructions on the screen you can place items and other collectibles exactly how you want them to appear and make the House of your Dreams!

FAQ – ESO Housing

How to Get a Free House in ESO?

You can get a free house in ESO by accepting the “Room to Spare” Crown Store Quest or by talking directly to Felande Demarie at the starter zone of your Alliance! To find more about Housing in ESO you can read this Housing Guide!

What are the benefits of having a House in ESO?

Some of the Benefits of having a House in ESO include an extra, free teleport point, additional item storage, place crafting stations, Mundus and other items and also can use it as a social area for you and your friends! To find more about Housing in ESO you can read this Housing Guide!

How to buy a House in ESO?

You can buy a House in ESO with Gold or Crowns. Visit and preview a House, then buy it with Gold or Crowns. Some Houses are only available with Crowns! To find more about Housing in ESO you can read this Housing Guide!

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