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Spore Savant Body Marks Leads

The Spore Savant Body Marks is a special in-game reward in ESO with the system of Antiquities. This special item consists of seven different fragments that players can find with the help of the Scrying and Excavation skill-lines. To be able to use these two skill-lines, players must own the Greymoor Chapter and have completed the introductory quest for the Antiquities system.

This will allow you to Scry for Leads that will lead you to excavation sites where you can find each one of the fragments. The higher the quality of a fragment, the higher the difficulty of scrying and excavating for it. This Spore Savant Body Marks Guide will help you find all the Leads necessary to create the item.

Body Marks

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How to find all Spore Savant Body Marks Leads in ESO

You can find the Leads for the Body Marks by completing certain activities around Tamriel! The Necrom DLC is required to access the Telvanni Peninsula zone and excavate their fragments. This is where you can find the Body Marks Leads Locations:

LeadLead DropDig Zone
Annotated Sporecrafter DesignsAlchemy WritsTelvanni Peninsula
Beetleback PigmentTBDTelvanni Peninsula
Dried BloodtoothVila Theran Final Boss in Fungal Grotto 2 DungeonTelvanni Peninsula
Milkcap Mushroom Paint StampsTBDTelvanni Peninsula
Netch Shield Mushroom StencilTBDTelvanni Peninsula
Rust Funnelcap PaintBastion Nymic Bosses ChestTelvanni Peninsula
Sporecrafter’s Mushroom StampRunestone Nodes in Telvanni Peninsula zoneTelvanni Peninsula

You can find more info for every Lead below.

1. Where to find Annotated Sporecrafter Designs Lead in ESO

Has a chance to drop from doing your Daily Crafting Alchemy Writs!

2. Where to find Beetleback Pigment Lead in ESO

Location Unknown

3. Where to find Dried Bloodtooth Lead in ESO

The Lead has a chance to drop from Vila Theran, the Final Boss of Fungal Grotto 2 Dungeon in Normal or Veteran difficulty.

fungal grotto 2

4. Where to find Milkcap Mushroom Paint Stamps Lead in ESO

Location Unknown

5. Where to find Netch Shield Mushroom Stencil Lead in ESO

Location Unknown

6. Where to find Rust Funnelcap Paint Lead in ESO

The Lead can drop from Bosses chests inside Bastion Nymic World Event!

7. Where to find Sporecrafter’s Mushroom Stamp Lead in ESO

You can find this Lead by harvesting Runestones in the Telvanni Peninsula zone.

How to Get Spore Savant Body Marks in ESO

Once you find all leads, head to the appropriate zone(All Telvanni Peninsula) and excavate their fragments. When you excavate all of them the Body Marks will appear in your collection.

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