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Starfield Revenant Rifle

How to Get the Revenant Legendary Unique Rifle in Starfield! The Revenant is a Legendary, Unique Rifle based on the Magshear rifle model. The only way you can acquire it is by advancing the Crimson Fleet Quest line.

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How to Get Revenant Rifle in Starfield

The Revenant is a Unique, Legendary Rifle that you can get while completing the “Eye of the Storm” Crimson Fleet Mission! This is the seventh and penultimate faction mission of the Crimson Fleet. You can find the Revenant in the Vault Control Center, inside “The Legacy” ship, in the Bannoc System! The rifle is placed next to the terminals, near the body of its former owner! Collecting it is part of the mission, so it is impossible to miss it. This is the only chance you will have to loot this amazing rifle!

starfield revenant

Revenant Rifle Stats in Starfield

The Revenant is a special version of the Magshear Model and is one of the best Ballistic Rifles in Starfield. It comes with three Perks and four Weapon Mods equipped! Its Perks are:

  • Extended Magazine: Doubles the base magazine capacity
  • Lacerate: Randomly applies a bleed effect to the target
  • Titanium Build: Premium build materials make this weapon light as a feather

Its Weapon mods are:

  • Long Barrel
  • Compensator
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Hair Trigger
revenant rifle
Revenant Rifle Stats

The Revenant deals 38 Physical damage(14 base damage), has a fire rate of 390 and a range of 62 meters. An amazing weapon for Builds that rely on Ballistic Rifles to deal massive damage like the Soldier Build and Beast Hunter. The Weapon Stats and modifications depend on the level you will get it as a reward.