How to Get Unmitigated Violence Rifle in Starfield

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Starfield Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence is a strong Laser Rifle that you can get in Starfield by advancing the game’s main quest-line! The Rifle is one of the two potential Weapon rewards for completing the “Revelation” Constellation Mission! Below you can see how you can acquire this powerful rifle. This guide contains spoilers for the game’s main quest-line!

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How to Get Unmitigated Violence Rifle in Starfield

Unmitigated Violence is a Unique, Legendary Laser Rifle that you can get for free by completing the “Revelation” mission in Starfield! The rifle is the “Hunter’s” main weapon and in order to get it you will have to defeat him in battle. During the “Unearthed” main mission, the Hunter and the Emissary will invite to you to a conversation. There they will ask you to side with one of them. If you wish to receive the “Unmitigated Violence” Rifle, you need to side with the Emissary! Advance the main quest-line and during the Revelation mission, fight and defeat the Hunter.

The Hunter and Emissary during Unearthed Mission

The Emissary’s main weapon is the unique Particle Beam Rifle “Eternity’s Gate“. So if you wish to get this weapon instead, you should side with the Hunter during the “Unearthed” mission and fight the Emissary in “Revelation“! It is possible to get both weapons as a reward! You will have to denounce the Hunter and the Emissary during “Unearthed” and fight them both in the “Revelation” mission. The fight will be harder but also a lot more challenging and interesting!

Unmitigated Violence Rifle Stats in Starfield

Unmitigated Violence is a special version of the Orion Laser Rifle. One of the best rifles in the game that comes with three(3) Perks and seven(7) Weapon Mods equipped! Its Perks are:

  • Frenzy: Small chance to frenzy a target.
  • Radioactive: Randomly deals radioactive damage and demoralizes the target.
  • Instigating: Deals double damage to targets with full health.

Its Weapon mods are:

  • Long Barrel
  • Recon Laser Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Stealth Lasers
  • Stabilizing Stock
  • Large Battery
  • Amplifier
starfield unmitigated violence
Unmitigated Violence Stats

Unmitigated Violence deals 256 Energy damage(125 Energy base damage), has a fire rate of 33 and a range of 52 meters. An amazing weapon for Builds that rely on Laser Rifles to deal massive damage like the Laser Weapons Expert Build. The Weapon Stats and modifications depend on the level you will get it as a reward.

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