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This ESO One Bar DPS Guide will show you the best Classes for One Bar Builds for PVE Gameplay! With the introduction of the Oakensoul Ring Mythic Item to ESO, One Bar Builds have received a significant boost to their capabilities! They can now complete every content in the game with success! One Bar Builds are not as strong as normal 2-bar Builds but they are easier to use and equally effective!

The Best One Bar DPS Class in ESO is not always the same. Classes in ESO are dynamic with changes happening to their skills and overall behavior quite often. Knowing which Class is the best as a DPS anytime, can be helpful for you as a player but for your group as well. A few more guides that can help you understand how Classes work in different types of gameplay are:

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What is the Best One Bar DPS Class in ESO

Every Class in ESO can perform well as an One Bar Build, with the right setup! Some Classes have better tools though and because of that, are more effective in the role of One Bar DPS! Below you can find a brief explanation of the available ESO Classes and the reason they perform well in the role of One Bar DPS.


The Arcanist is a potent Class with abilities that work well for both Magicka and Stamina versions. Its unique Crux system can help you boost the effectiveness of your skills and deal more damage! The Tide King’s Gaze, Writhing Runeblades, Pragmatic Fatecarver, Abyssal Impact Morphs, Inspired Scholarship and Fulminating Rune are all skills that both Magicka and Stamina Arcanists can use with success. The Stamina Arcanist is a stronger version for One Bar Builds however. The Magicka Arcanist suffers from sustain issues that hold its DPS back and is not the best option for that kind of gameplay.

Arcanist One Bar Builds & Guides:


The Sorcerer is an amazing Class for One Bar DPS in both Magicka or Stamina versions! The reason for this is the Pets the Class can summon and use in combat that make gameplay easier but very effective! Volatile Familiar, Twilight Tormentor, Storm Atronach and Daedric Prey synergize well with each other and can boost your overall damage! Sorcerer has also the easiest rotation out of all Classes, which makes it the best One Bar Class for new players.

Sorcerer One Bar Builds & Guides:

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The Nightblade is another effective One Bar Class that is hard to master however! The Magicka Nightblade is a stronger and overall easier Build to use as an One Bar DPS. Stamina Nightblade although weaker than the magicka version, is still a good class for that kind of gameplay! Both offer a great spammable(Concealed WeaponSurprise Attack) and a powerful execute(ImpaleKiller’s Blade) that will help you complete every content with success. Both however are less forgiving than the other Classes and require very good Light Attack Weaving.

Nightblade One Bar Builds & Guides:


The Dragonknight is a sturdy class with some strong offensive skills! Effective as an One Bar DPS but not as effective as its normal 2-bar Builds! Molten Whip is a powerful spammable both Magicka and Stamina Dragonknights can use. When combined with other strong skills from the Ardent Flame skill line, it can further boost your damage! The Stamina Dragonknight is slightly more effective as an One Bar DPS.

Dragonknight One Bar Builds & Guides:

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The Templar can be a fun One Bar DPS Class in ESO, if you like its “theme” and skills! Both Stamina and Magicka Templars have access to useful AOE damage and utility skills that can assist you in PVE! They both still rely on their Puncturing Strikes spammable to deal damage. Although you can replace this skill with other from different skill lines, it is still the most iconic Templar Skill and one that defines its Class Identity!

Templar One Bar Builds & Guides:


The Warden is a great One Bar DPS Class in ESO! A flexible Class with access to several offensive and utility skills. Wardens can combine well their stamina and magicka based skills and create a powerful Hybrid One Bar DPS Build! Dive, Scorch and Swarm offer nice options for both types of Warden that can boost your damage and assist with sustain. Stamina Warden is slightly better for that kind of gameplay. Magicka Warden on the other hand is your best option if you wish to create a Frost DPS One Bar Build.

Warden One Bar Builds & Guides:


The Necromancer suffers from micromanagement and its reliance to Blastbones! The Stamina Necromancer is better for One Bar DPS Builds but both require practice to use properly. A nice option if you like the idea of non-permanent Pets and a very dynamic gameplay. Not very easy to use for new players.

Necromancer One Bar Builds & Guides:

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ESO One Bar DPS Tier List – ESO Best One Bar DPS Class

This is the conclusion for the ESO One Bar DPS Tier List right now!

S Tier – ESO One Bar DPS Tier List

  • Stamina Sorcerer
  • Stamina Warden
  • Magicka Warden

A Tier – ESO One Bar DPS Tier List

  • Magicka Sorcerer
  • Magicka Nightblade
  • Stamina Dragonknight
  • Stamina Nightblade
  • Stamina Necromancer

B Tier – ESO One Bar DPS Tier List

  • Stamina Arcanist
  • Magicka Dragonknight
  • Stamina Templar
  • Magicka Templar

C Tier – ESO One Bar DPS Tier List

  • Magicka Necromancer
  • Magicka Arcanist


Are One Bar Builds good in ESO?

One Bar Builds are great alternatives to normal 2-bar Builds for almost every content in ESO! The introduction of the Oakensoul Ring Mythic Item to ESO, has offered a boost to their capabilities and they can now complete every available content!

What is the Best One Bar DPS Class in ESO?

The Best One Bar DPS Class in ESO is the Stamina Sorcerer! A powerful One Bar Class thanks to its strong Pets and utility skills!

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