Best 5 Ships in Starfield

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Starfield Best Ships

The Best 5 Ships you can get for free in Starfield by completing specific tasks and missions! Starfield offers several great ships to players that can help them fight hostiles or transfer resources around the galaxy! You can buy them from vendors, steal them from various encounters in space and the ground or even build your own ship with the game’s robust shipbuilding feature! There are of course some great ships you can earn for free! This guide will show you the best Ships you can get for free by completing hidden and not so hidden tasks in the game!

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Starfield Best Ships and Where to find them

There are a few great ships you can get for free in the game. These can be a reward from a mission, a chain of missions or you can get them by performing an activity, like clearing a hostile base! The following ships can help you progress faster in the game and focus on specific aspects of Starfield, like exploration or ship combat.

1. Razorleaf Ship in Starfield

The Razorleaf is an amazing ship you can get early in the game and a massive upgrade from the Frontier. To obtain the Razorleaf you will have to complete the Mantis mission first! You will receive this mission randomly while defeating random spacers in your early exploration trips. One of the Spacers will drop the “Secret Outpost” note which will give you the mission. Complete the mission as soon as possible to get the Razorleaf Ship but also one of the Best Spacesuits in the game, the Mantis Spacesuit! The Razorleaf is an A Class ship with shielded cargo, which means that you can pilot it immediately and use it to transfer contraband like a serious Pirate!

starfield razorleaf
Razorleaf Ship

2. Dagger Ship in Starfield

The Dagger is another A Class ship in Starfield that can work as an upgrade to the Frontier! Small and agile with better weaponry that can help you fight hostile ships and rank up your Piloting skill. To obtain the Dagger all you have to do is raid the Ecliptic Mercenary Base in Jaffa IV planet in the Jaffa System! While you are raiding the base the Dagger will land and more enemies will join the fight. Kill every enemy and claim the ship. Occasionally the Dagger can appear in stores while browsing their available ships.

starfield dagger
Dagger Ship

3. Star Eagle Ship in Starfield

The Star Eagle is one of the best ships you can get in the game. And it is entirely free. To obtain it you will have to join the Freestar Rangers in Akila City, Cheyenne System and complete all eight(8) Faction missions! But is well worth it! An A Class Ship and a massive upgrade from the Frontier that has better Reactor, Shields, Hull, Weapons and a massive Cargo hold. The Star Eagle is so good that can carry you through the entire game with ease.

starfield star eagle
Star Eagle Ship

4. Kepler Ship in Starfield

The Kepler Ship is a reward from the “Overdesigned” side mission that you can get from Walter Stroud but only after you have advanced the main quest line of the game. When you complete the “All that Money can Buy” Constellation mission you can talk to Walter again and receive the “Overdesigned” mission. He will ask you to help his company design their new Starship! Visit the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the Narion system and talk to Jules Degante to begin. Depending on your choices during the mission you will receive either the Kepler S or the Kepler R model!

While both are great the Kepler R is a massive vessel that can deal with anything thanks to its formidable weaponry and carry a lot of resources or other items. The Kepler S is smaller with no weapons but still an upgrade from most early ships in the game. The Kepler R is a C Class Ship while the Kepler S is a B Class, which means that to fly either you will have to advance your Piloting Skill.

starfield kepler
Kepler R Ship

5. Starborn Ship in Starfield

The Starborn is a special Ship that you get by completing the game and starting a New Game Plus! When you begin your NG+ for the first time, you will receive the Starborn Guardian Ship. By completing the game and starting new NG+ runs you receive upgraded versions of the Guardian! Along with the Starborn Guardian you also get the Starborn Spacesuit Astra for free!

Starborn Guardian Ship

More Free Ships in Starfield

There are a few more free ships you can get in the game that we should mention. These are:

  • Frontier
  • Wanderwell
  • UC Prison Shuttle

The Frontier is of course the first ship you will get in the game that will help you make your first steps in Starfield’s universe. With proper upgrades it can serve you well until late in the game. You can get the Wanderwell for free if you choose the Kid Stuff Trait! Visit regularly your parents in-game and they will eventually gift you this ship. While it is not anything great, it is nice to have early. Finally you can get the UC Prison Shuttle by completing the “Echoes of the Past” Crimson Fleet Faction Mission!

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