Throne and Liberty Gameplay Guides

Detailed TL Gameplay Guides with everything you need to know about the various activities in Throne and Liberty! How to unlock new systems and use them to your benefit. From accepting Daily Contracts Quests to participating in Dynamic Events!

TL Gameplay Guides List

Below you can find a list of all available Gameplay Guides for Throne and liberty! Guides that will help you complete Contracts more efficiently, be successful in Dynamic Events and more! By following these guides you will have a better understanding of gameplay mechanics and enjoy Throne and Liberty more!

throne and liberty contracts

Throne and Liberty Contracts Guide

Contracts is a Daily Quest System in Throne and Liberty that rewards you with EXP, Sollant and growth materials that can help you in TL!
throne and liberty dynamic events

Throne and Liberty Dynamic Events Guide

Dynamic Events are Regional Events that happen every few hours in Throne and Liberty, that reward you with valuable items for your TL progression!
throne and liberty resistance events

Throne and Liberty Resistance Events Guide

Resistance Events are a special type of Event in Throne and Liberty that takes place once every two Weeks and offers valuable rewards!

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