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ESO Dragonhold DLC

The Dragonhold DLC is the last update for ESO in 2019. Dragonhold will also be the finale of the year-long Season of the Dragon. This new update will bring the zone of Southern Elsweyr into the game and complete this entire area.

Size-wise Dragonhold will be similar to the Clockwork City and the Murkmire DLC zones. Aesthetically Dragonhold is closer to the exotic Murkmire though.

ESO Dragonhold Features & PTS Info

The Dragonhold DLC will be available for testing on the Public Test Server ( PTS ) this Monday, September 16th and will logically go live around a month after that. With Dragonhold the second half of Elsweyr, Southern Elsweyr, comes into the game along with the grand finale to the Season of the Dragon.

In order to unlock though the final quest and complete this year-long story, players will have to complete first the main storylines from Elsweyr( Q2 Update ) and this new Zone. Having completed the Dungeons from Scalebreaker is not necessary but will help with understanding the story.

This is happening for the first time in ESO and the goal is to give a better feeling of connection between the four intertwined updates in 2019.

eso dragonhold

Some cool new additions with Dragonhold also include a Grappling Bow, that allows players to travel faster and give a more action-adventure sense of gameplay. This will be available in one only area of the new zone but might expand to the entire game based on the players’ reception.

Overland Dragons’ behavior has been improved as well. Dragons in Elsweyr and Southern Elsweyr will have different elemental attacks but also move around more. Weather effects based on their elements will be tied to their combat behavior as well. It is worth mentioning that Southern Elsweyr will be the first zone of that size to host Overland events like that.

Sai Sahan will return in Dragonhold to help you rebuild the Dragonguard faction, along with their sanctum. This headquarters of sorts will be like the Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild base and upgradeable through a series of daily quests.

Base Game Changes

Along with Dragonhold changes are coming to the base game as well. Combat changes will continue in an effort to bring better balance as well as an update to three-piece items.

Performance Improvements

The already announced performance improvements for The Elder Scrolls Online will begin with the Dragonhold DLC – Update 24.

This first set of improvements will focus on a Memory Management Overhaul to reduce crashes and an update to the Looking for Group System. The new LFG system will function better and add new features to Dungeons but also Battlegrounds. ESO Dragonhold will complete the Season of the Dragon and prepare The Elder Scrolls Online for its new adventure.

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