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Starfield Best Spacesuits

The Best 5 Spacesuits and Armor you can get for free in Starfield by completing specific tasks in the game. Starfield offers a plethora of Spacesuits and armor sets for players to discover and wear. Some of the best Spacesuits are locked behind certain tasks or missions. These Spacesuits are powerful and offer unique perks that allow you to deal with enemies faster. This guide will show you the best Armor Sets you can get in Starfield and where to find them.

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Starfield Best Spacesuits and where to find them

There are several great Spacesuits you can earn or loot in Starfield. Some of the Best though are locked behind certain missions or other tasks. Below you can find the absolute best Spacesuits in the game, that will help you progress early and deal with stronger enemies.

1. Mantis Spacesuit in Starfield

The Mantis is a powerful Armor that consists of a Spacesuit, Helmet and pack. You can get it early in the game by completing the Mantis mission. You will receive this mission randomly while defeating random spacers in your early exploration trips. One of the Spacers will drop the “Secret Outpost” note which will give you the mission. Complete the mission as soon as possible to get the Mantis Spacesuit but also one of the best ships in the game, the Razorleaf!

starfield mantis spacesuit
Mantis Spacesuit

2. Peacemaker Spacesuit in Starfield

The Peacemaker is another Armor Set that will upgrade your defenses and help you progress in Starfield. To get this spacesuit you will have to complete a series of quests that start in the “Eleos Retreat” settlement in the Ixyll System. A total of four missions that will reward you with the Peacemaker Spacesuit, as well as the Peacemaker Unique Rifle.

starfield peacemaker
Peacemaker Spacesuit

3. Antixeno Spacesuit in Starfield

The Antixeno Spacesuit is a serious upgrade in the game. The only way to get it is by completing an optional task during the “Hostile Intelligence” Vanguard Faction Mission. Which makes it easy to miss it! Advance the Vanguard Faction quest line until you get to Londinion for the “Hostile Intelligence” mission. When you get the optional task to visit the Armory, go there and find the Antixeno Armor Set on a bench inside. Grab it and wear it! In the Armory you can also find the X-989 Microgun unique Heavy Weapon. The Antixeno Armor Set consists of a Spacesuit, Helmet and Pack and makes it easier to deal with Alien enemies, like the Terrormorphs!

starfield antixeno spacesuit
Antixeno Spacesuit

4. Nishina Spacesuit in Starfield

The Nishina Spacesuit is one of the best Armors in the game and a massive upgrade from the other three! To get this Spacesuit you need to advance the main quest line of Starfield and complete the “Entangled” Mission. Entangled has three different possible endings and only the two will reward you with the Nishina Spacesuit. To find out how to complete the mission and collect all available rewards you can read my Entangled mission guide. The Experimental Nishina Armor Set consists of a Spacesuit and a Helmet! Nishina is an amazing spacesuit that can asisst you with exploration and combat!

starfield nishina
Nishina Spacesuit

5. Starborn Spacesuit in Starfield

The Starborn Armor is a special spacesuit that you get by completing the game and starting a New Game Plus! When you begin your NG+ for the first time, you will receive the Starborn Spacesuit Astra. By completing the game and starting new NG+ runs you can eventually upgrade the Starborn Spacesuit Astra into the Starborn Spacesuit Venator. The most powerful Armor in Starfield! Along with the Starborn Spacesuit you also get a Starborn Guardian Ship for free!

Starborn Spacesuit

A few more great Armors you can get in Starfield as loot are:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Constellation Mark I
  • Pirate Assault