How to Get Peacemaker Weapon and Spacesuit in Starfield

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Starfield Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is a powerful Set of Armor and Weapon that you can get for free in Starfield! The Set includes an Epic Rifle, a Legendary Spacesuit, common Helmet and Pack that will boost your defensive and offensive capabilities. To obtain the Peacemaker Set you need to complete a series of missions in a high level system!

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How to Get the Peacemaker Weapon and Armor in Starfield

To get the Peacemaker Weapon and Armor, you will have to complete a series of missions in the Ixyll system. Ixyll is a level 40 system so expect to find tougher opponents there! While exploring you will get an activity to visit the “Eleos Retreat” in the Ixyll System. When you arrive to the Retreat, talk to Greg D’angelo to begin the missions chain. In total there are four missions with various tasks that you need to complete before you can earn your reward. These missions are:

  • Dead Stop
  • Ghost Hunt
  • Exorcism
  • Peacemaker
starfield peacemaker
Eleos Retreat

Your first task is to find Kilman in a nearby cave. For the “Ghost Hunt” mission, you will have to search for Kilman’s kidnappers in an abandoned outpost nearby. In the third mission “Exorcism” you will have to deal with the kidnappers, either by shooting or talking to them. For the final mission “Peacemaker“, you will travel to Akila City and talk to Reisha Lance, CEO of the Laredo Firearms. After a brief chat she will reward you with the Peacemaker Armor and Weapon!

Reisha Lance

Peacemaker Weapon Stats in Starfield

The Peacemaker is a powerful unique Rifle based on the Lawgiver weapon. It deals 180 Physical damage(Ballistic) and comes with the Rapid and Demoralizing traits. Rapid boosts your attack speed while demoralizing has a chance to demoralize a target. It also comes with six Weapon Mods:

  • Long Barrel
  • Laser Sight
  • Recon Scope
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Penetrator Rounds
  • High Velocity
starfield peacemaker
Peacemaker Rifle

Peacemaker Armor Stats in Starfield

The Peacemaker Armor is a set of Spacesuit, Helmet and Pack that offer better stats than the Mantis Armor Set! The Spacesuit is of Legendary quality with 121 Physical, 125 Energy and 129 EM resistances! It comes with the Peacemaker, Anti-Ballistic and Auto-Medic Traits. Peacemaker boosts the damage of Rifles, Anti-Ballistic reduces physical damage taken from ranged weapons and Auto-Medic automatically uses a Med Pack when your Health is below 25%!

starfield peacemaker
Peacemaker Spacesuit

The Helmet offers 56 Physical, 64 Energy and 60 EM resistances while the Pack offers 52 Physical, 68 Energy and 60 EM resistances. The Pack also comes with the Skip Capacity Boostpack Mod.

Both the Weapon and Peacemaker Armor are a great upgrade in Starfield, that will help you deal with harder enemies!

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