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The Best Tank Builds for Throne and Liberty

Best Tank Builds TL

The Best Tank Builds for Throne and Liberty! Sturdy Tank Builds Builds for PVE Gameplay in Throne and Liberty, that will help you guide your group and keep them alive even inside the hardest Dungeons!

Tank Builds

Below you can find the best Tank Builds for Throne and Liberty. The Builds are focusing on taunting enemies, holding aggro and Crowd Controlling the battlefield. Your goal as a Tank in TL is to hold aggro and protect your group from Boss mechanics, not to deal damage! The Sword and Shield is the Best Weapon for the role of Tank in TL, a weapon you can combine with the Greatsword or the Wand for a strong Tank Build!

sword tank build tl

Sturdy Sword Greatsword Tank Build for Throne and Liberty

Protect your group members and guide them through the hardest Dungeons in Throne and Liberty with this Sturdy Sword Greatsword Tank TL Build!

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