stamina nightblade bow gank

Stamina Nightblade Bow Gank PVP Build – Arbalest

Stamina Nightblade Bow Gank

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Arbalest is a Stamina Nightblade Bow Gank Build, perfect for open world gameplay in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. The Build is focusing on striking hard and fast when the enemy least expects it to get the kill.

Arbalest is not built for prolonged, “fair” fights. Pick your target, strike and escape.

If you are looking for a Melee Gank Build take a look at Kunoichi.

For a strong, brawler type, Stamina Nightblade PVP Build take a look at my Elusive Warrior.

If you are a new player, you can take a look at my Nightblade Beginner Guide.

You can find more Builds in the Nightblade Builds page.

Armor Sets

The Sets of the build will help you boost your Weapon Damage and your Bow damage against players.

Arbalest utilizes the Vateshran Bow, Point-Blank Snipe to boost damage when closer to your target.

If you do not own this Set you can use different Monster Sets pieces on Head and Shoulders to further boost your Weapon Damage.

A combination of Balorgh and Velidreth will boost your Weapon Damage. Molag Kena is another good option.

Marksman’s Crest: A great Set for the Build that boosts Bow Damage against players.

New Moon Acolyte: Great Set to boost Weapon Damage.

Other good alternatives include Vicecanon of Venom and Hawk’s Eye.

Any Two Handed Weapon will work for Back-bar since you only want the Rally skill from that.

Sets Location

Balorgh: Veteran March of Sacrifices, Urgarlag Chief-Bane

Velidreth: Veteran Cradle of Shadows, Urgarlag Chief-Bane

Molag Kena: Veteran White Gold Tower, Molag Kena Shoulders: Urgarlag Chief-bane

Marksman’s Crest: Cyrodiil, Rewards for the Worthy

New Moon Acolyte: Southern Elsweyr, Crafted

(Perfected)Point-Blank Snipe: (Veteran)Vateshran Hollows Arena

Vicecanon of Venom: Imperial City, Tel Var Vendor

Hawk’s Eye: Cyrodiil, Bruma Vendor

HeadMarksman's Crest/BalorghMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMax. Stamina/Multi-Effect (Tri-Stat)
ShouldersMarksman's Crest/VelidrethMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMax. Stamina
HandsNew Moon AcolyteMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMax. Stamina
LegsNew Moon AcolyteMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMulti-Effect (Tri-Stat)
ChestNew Moon AcolyteMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMulti-Effect (Tri-Stat)
WaistNew Moon AcolyteMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMax. Stamina
FeetNew Moon AcolyteMediumImpenetrable/DivinesMax. Stamina
NecklaceMarksman's CrestJewelInfusedWeapon Damage
RingMarksman's CrestJewelInfusedWeapon Damage
RingMarksman's CrestJewelInfusedWeapon Damage
Two Handed Weapon(Perfected)Point-Blank Snipe/Marksman's CrestBowNirnhonedEscapist's Poison IX
Two Handed WeaponAny Two Handed WeaponGreatsword/Battle Axe/MaulAny TraitAny Enchant - Poison


 Front BarBack Bar
Skill 1Focused AimShadowy Disguise
Skill 2Poison InjectionChanneled Acceleration
Skill 3Silver ShardsRally
Skill 4Relentless FocusLeeching Strikes
Skill 5Camouflaged HunterShadow Image
Ultimate SkillDawnbreaker of SmitingDawnbreaker of Smiting

Focused Aim: Deals massive damage and debuffs enemies.

Poison Injection: Deals additional poison damage and can work as an execute.

Silver Shards: Use this after Focused Aim and Poison Injection to finish your targets. Works as spammable.

Relentless Focus: Strong self-buff. Boosts damage and turns into a deadly offensive skill, Assassin’s Scourge after five light/heavy attacks.

Camouflaged Hunter: Great skill to boost Weapon Critical and reveal Stealthed enemies.

Dawnbreaker of Smiting: Powerful Ultimate that deals damage and stuns enemies.

Shadowy Disguise: Your cloak and very important survival skill.

Channeled Acceleration: Boosts your mobility and Critical damage.

Rally: Buffs your Weapon Damage and heals you.

Leeching Strikes: Great sustain ability that can offer heals as well.

Shadow Image: Activate before the attack if you can hide it to use as an escape method.

Passive Skills

  • All Passive Skills from your Class’ Lines
  • All Passive Skills from Weapon Lines you are using
  • Passive Skills from Armor Lines you are using
  • Passive Abilities from Guild lines(Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Psijic Order) that affect your skills/Build
  • Fighters Guild Passives: Intimidating Presence, Slayer, Banish the Wicked, Skilled Tracker
  • Undaunted Passives
  • Your Racial Passives
  • Medicinal Use Passive from Alchemy to boost the effectiveness of Potions

Champion Points


Slottable: Deadly Aim, Master-at-Arms, Fighting Finesse or Backstabber, Wrathful Strikes

Passive: Eldritch Insight, Piercing, Flawless Ritual, War Mage, Quick Recovery, Hardy, Elemental Aegis, Preparation, Precision, Blessed, Tireless Discipline


Slottable: Bloody Renewal, Strategic Reserve, Rejuvenation, Boundless Vitality

Passive: Sprinter, Hasty, Tireless Guardian, Hero’s Vigor, Mystic Tenacity, Tumbling, Defiance, Piercing Gaze


Slottable: Sustaining Shadows, Rationer, Liquid Efficiency, Master Gatherer

Passive: Out of Sight, Fleet Phantom, Gilded Fingers, Fortune’s Favor, Wanderer, Steadfast Enchantment


Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables as Food and Essence of Immovability ( Stamina version ) as Potions. You can use simple Essence of Stamina when moving around crouched, to restore Stamina or simple Essence of Magicka to restore Magicka and use your cloak for longer.

Escapist’s Poison IX as Poisons.


Attribute Points

All points to Stamina

Mundus Stone

The Warrior for the best Weapon Damage possible.


Dark Elf – Orc – Khajiit

Vampire or Werewolf

At least Vampire Stage 1 for the Dark Stalker Passive. Stage 2 for the Strike from the Shadows Passive.

Build Difficulty Rating – 4

Arbalest is a deadly and fun Stamina Nightblade Bow Gank PVP Build, perfect for Cyrodiil and the Imperial City.

Pick your targets well and wait for the right moment to strike. After you deliver your combo, escape and hide no matter if the gank was successful or not.

Arbalest most probably will not survive a direct confrontation.

Vicecannon of Venom can cause issues. If the gank fails but the set’s effect procs, it will keep getting you out of stealth with every poison tick. The extra damage however is good.


Buff yourself with Channeled Acceleration, Rally, Leeching Strikes, Relentless Focus. Summon Shadow Image to use as an escape method if you have to.

The main combo of the build is very easy. While stealthed attack with Focused Aim, Poison Injection and finish your target with one or two Silver Shards. Fire Assassin’s Scourge if you proc it.

If your Ultimate is ready, use it to finish the enemy faster. Use Camouflaged Hunter only if you have to deal with enemies in stealth.

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