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Starfield Best Skills

The Best Skills you can unlock and rank up in Starfield! Skills in Starfield are important for your early steps in the game but also the play style you will follow later. While there is no limit on how many skills you can unlock in the game, picking the right ones early can make all the difference. Starfield skills are divided in five categories and will help you create the character of your dreams in the game!

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What are the Best Skills in Starfield

Starfield Skills are divided in five categories, Combat, Physical, Science, Social and Tech! Each category is focusing on a specific aspect of gameplay in Starfield and will help you become better, depending on the path you have chosen. Some skills will make you a better pilot, other help with exploration and some will boost your combat capabilities.

You can pick every skill in the game but this will take time. Focusing on a few great skills early is the most effective way to create your unique Build. Below you can find the best skills for every category! Skills that will enhance your favorite play style and help you enjoy the game more!

Crippling Skill

What are the Best Combat Skills in Starfield

Combat Skills focus on boosting your damage with various types of weapons and in general enhancing your combat prowess! They are great for almost every type of combat oriented character in Starfield! These are the Best Combat Skills you can unlock.

1. Ballistics

Ballistics boosts the damage of ballistic weapons, which means most weapons in the game! If you plan to use a ballistic based weapon, then this is the combat skill you should unlock first.

2. Dueling

Dueling increases the damage of melee weapons in Starfield. If you wish to play as a Melee Brawler or Stealth Assassin then this is the skill you should unlock and rank up first!

3. Crippling

Crippling is an amazing combat skill that allows you to put enemies in a downed state faster. An excellent option if you are focusing on a combat heavy play through.

4. Armor Penetration

Like Crippling, Armor Penetration will help you in combat by making your weapons to ignore enemy armor!

Depending on your favorite weapon, you can also choose a specific category that will boost your damage with them. Pistols, Heavy Weapons, Rifles or something else.

Concealment Skill

What are the Best Physical Skills in Starfield

Physical Skills in Starfield focus on your physical ability to move and fight. They are great if you wish to boost your Health and Oxygen but they can also offer stealth and unarmed combat benefits. These are the Best Physical Skills you can unlock.

1. Fitness

Fitness is a must have skill for every character. It boosts your oxygen and allows you to take more actions with ease.

2. Weight Lifting

A simple skill that does something very important. Weight Lifting allows you to carry more items and loot.

3. Wellness

Wellness increases your overall Health and having more Health is always good. Especially when there are bad guys shooting at you!

4. Stealth

Stealth is a great skill for a variety of Builds and characters. You can use it for a stealth dedicated Build or simply if you wish to enter an area or building undetected.

5. Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a basic skill for Melee or Unarmed Builds! If you plan to play Unarmed or with a melee weapon, you cannot ignore this skill.

6. Concealment

The Best skill you can use for Stealth Sniper Builds! Concealment makes you harder to detect and boosts the damage of your ranged sneak attacks.

Astrodynamics Skill

What are the Best Science Skills in Starfield

Science Skills assist with traveling, creating mods for your Weapons and Spacesuit, as well as with exploration. They are great for a variety of activities, from combat to exploration. These are the Best Science Skills you can unlock.

1. Astrodynamics

Astrodynamics allow you to travel further with fewer fuel! A great skill to have if you focus on exploration and want to travel everywhere.

2. Medicine

Medicine boosts the effectiveness of Med Packs and other Aid items. This makes it an important skill for survival, that will help you in and out of combat.

3. Surveying

Surveying is important for exploration, since it is increasing your scan distance and adds more levels of zoom!

4. Weapon Engineering

Weapon Engineering allows you to create advanced Weapon Mods, that can make your weapons deadlier!

5. Spacesuit Design

Spacesuit Design is the same with Weapon Engineering but for Spacesuits! You can boost your defense and survivability with the right mods and survive harsher conditions and stronger enemies.

6. Chemistry

Chemistry allows you to create chems that can offer a boost to your character.

7. Aneutronic Fusion

Aneutronic Fusion produces more units of power for your Starship, allowing you to use more and better Ship systems. Important skill for Builds that rely on ship combat a lot, like the Bounty Hunter!

Commerce Skill

What are the Best Social Skills in Starfield

Social skills focus on offering more dialogue options but they can also help you make Credits! They are great for playthroughs that focus more on persuasion and less on combat. These are the Best Social Skills you can unlock.

1. Commerce

Excellent skill for every build and playthrough! Commerce allows you to buy items cheaper and sell them at a higher price in order to earn a bigger profit!

2. Scavenging

Another universally helpful skill! Scavenging will help you find more credits and items when exploring and looting.

3. Theft

Theft will not be useful to every one but is a must have skill for shady characters! It allows you to pickpocket NPC and make a living like this.

4. Persuasion

Persuasion will make it easier to convince others in dialogues. Valuable skill if you wish to complete a task faster or avoid combat.

5. Isolation

Isolation is an amazing skill for players that do not like Companions! This skill will boost your weapon damage and damage resistance when you are adventuring alone.

6. Leadership

Leadership on the other hand makes good use of your Companions by increasing their stats and combat effectiveness!

7. Ship Command

Ship Command increases the number of active crew members you can have on your ship and is an important skill for characters that fly bigger ships with more systems.

Boost Pack Training

What are the Best Tech Skills in Starfield

Tech Skills focus more on Ship systems but offer a few character perks as well. They are great for Builds and characters that rely more on Ships and ship combat. These are the Best Tech Skills you can unlock.

1. Piloting

Piloting is a vital skill if you wish to fly the best ships in the game but also improve your flying capabilities.

2. Targeting Control Systems

Targeting Control Systems allows you to lock enemy ships, making you more efficient in spaceship combat.

3. Security

If you want to hack locks and steal everything inside then the Security skill is for you!

4. Boost Pack Training

One of the most fun skills in the game. Boost Pack Training unlocks the Boost Pack for your character and introduces mobility and advanced combat tactics in Starfield!

5. Engine Systems

Engine Systems makes your ship’s engine more effective and increases its speed.

6. Shield Systems

Shield Systems boosts the effectiveness of your Ship shields. Having better and stronger shields means that you survive for longer against multiple ships or stronger vessels.

7. Starship Design

If you wish to use the best modules for your ship, then the Starship Design Skill is important to have!

Every skill in Starfield offers something unique to your gameplay and will fit your character, depending on your preferred play style! The above skills are the best from every category that can help you in your journey!

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