Templar PVP Builds ESO

Templar PVP Builds ESO

The Best Templar PVP Builds for ESO! Stamina & Magicka Templar Builds for PVP Gameplay. Everything you need to complete any type of PVP content and have fun in ESO! Below you can find Builds for every type of PVP gameplay in ESO! From Battlegrounds to Open World PVP Gameplay in Cyrodiil or the Imperial City! If you are new to PVP in ESO, you can read my ESO PVP Beginner Guide! The Templar is a versatile Class in ESO, with access to several utility skills and heals! A nice starter option for new players but good for veterans as well!

FAQ – Templar PVP Builds ESO

What Race is best for Templar in ESO?

The Best Race for a Stamina Templar DPS is Dark Elf, Khajiit or Orc. The Best Race for a Magicka Templar DPS is High Elf or Breton. The Best Race for Templar Healer is High Elf or Breton. Finally the Best Race for a Templar Tank is Nord or Imperial. You can read more about ESO Races in this ESO Race Guide!

Is Templar Good in ESO?

The Templar is an excellent Healer in ESO and a potent Magicka or Stamina DPS. It may not be the best Tank but it is the closest to a Paladin-like Class! You can read more about Classes in ESO in this ESO Class Guide!

Is Templar Good for Solo in ESO?

The Templar is a a very strong Solo Class in ESO, thanks to the many utility and heal skills it has! A great option for new and veteran players. To find out more about Solo Classes in ESO, you can read this ESO Best Solo Class Guide!

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