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Can you play ESO Solo

You can play almost everything in ESO as a Solo player! The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most Solo player friendly MMORPGs that exist today! It is possible to play completely Solo from day one and enjoy ESO at your own pace. Thanks to the nature of the playable Classes in ESO, you can create powerful Solo Builds and clear a large variety of content. Playing as a Solo player will not lock you in one specific activity in ESO. On the contrary you can play almost everything as a Solo player with the exception of a few end game Group oriented activities. You can find strong Solo Builds for every Class in their respective page:

For the best Class for Solo gameplay you can take a look at my ESO Best Solo Class Guide!

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How to Solo in ESO

Playing Solo is simple! Just pick a direction and start exploring. You can defeat enemies along the way, accept and complete Quests or even enter Delves and Public Dungeons you discover. ESO’s open world is beautiful and full of opportunities. Difficulty in ESO is increasing gradually, depending on the activity you try to complete. These are the activities you can complete as a Solo Player!

Map Icons

Overland – Play ESO Solo

Overland describes the open world of ESO. The various zones you can visit and explore. While adventuring on Overland, you can defeat simple, easy enemies or even find harder special Bosses. Overworld Bosses are the hardest enemies you can find in Overland. Because of this you should avoid them until you are familiar with the game, your Class and your Build more! Knowing How to Build your character for PVE successfully is an important skill in ESO and one you will learn by playing the game!

eso solo
Overworld Boss & its minions

Questing & Main Story – Play ESO Solo

Tamriel is not only beautiful but also rich in lore and interesting stories! Questing in ESO is a huge part of the game and one of the main reasons why exploring the world feels so rewarding. There are several quests in every zone you visit. Every zone has its main story line that will explain the situation around you but also many side quests you can accept along the way. I strongly recommend to complete as many quests as possible when clearing a zone! It will help you appreciate ESO more! Most zones also have Daily Repeatable Quests you can complete for various zone specific rewards!

Obviously the game has a main quest as well. You can begin this main story line early in the game and follow it to the end before you decide to explore other areas. For more info on ESO’s Main Quest and other Beginner Tips, you can take a look at my ESO Beginner Guide!

Zone Main Quest NPC Giver

Delves & Public Dungeons – Play ESO Solo

Delves and Public Dungeons are basically early dungeons you can find in every zone. You can interact with their entrance on the open world and enter inside to defeat enemies, loot gold and Armor Sets and of course earn experience and level up your character!

Every other player can enter one of those dungeons at the same time with you. So expect them to be crowded from time to time. Delves are easier with enemies of similar difficulty to those on Overland. Delves usually have one Boss inside that drops Armor Sets pieces as loot. The Boss is slightly harder than normal enemies. There are multiple Delves in a zone, each with its own quest!

Public Dungeons on the other hand are overall harder, especially for new players, with more groups of enemies nearby. There are multiple Bosses inside Public Dungeons and one special(harder) encounter that rewards you with a skill point! These are great areas to test your skills once you have more combat experience! A few are even amongst the Best places to grind XP in ESO, along with specific Overland spots.

eso solo
Delve Map

Dolmens – Play ESO Solo

Dolmens are static World Events you can find Overland in ESO! Although a group oriented activity, you can clear them alone if you are experienced! The basic Dolmens you find in early zones are easier to complete. They consist of waves of enemies and one final Boss. Newer zones introduce harder World Events(Dragons in Elsweyr, Harrowstorms in Western Skyrim) that are harder to complete alone.

Dolmen in Auridon starter zone

Solo Arenas – Play ESO Solo

Solo Arenas is the hardest Solo-oriented activity a player can complete in ESO! At the moment there are two Solo Arenas in ESO, the Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows. Completing them successfully requires excellent knowledge of your Class and Build, as well as very good knowledge of the Arena mechanics!

Each Arena is available in Normal(which is still harder than anything solo oriented in the game) and Veteran difficulty. Completing the Arenas first in normal difficulty will help you understand their mechanics and prepare you for the Veteran difficulty! Ability Altering Weapons, which are some of the best equipment in the game, drop from these two Arenas! So clearing this type of content is not only a form of challenge but also a way to acquire great gear!

The Maelstrom Arena is located in Wrothgar and the Orsinium DLC is necessary to access it. You can find Vateshran Hollows in The Reach zone, so the Markarth DLC is required to access it. My One Bar Magicka Sorcerer Solo Build is a great and easy option to start with the Arenas!

The Infinite Archive is a rogue-like Duo Arena that players can also complete Solo in ESO! A unique type of arena that rewards players with its own special currency, various Antiquities Leads and dedicated Class Sets! The Archive is located in the Apocrypha zone but is available with the base game and has only one difficulty mode.

Stealing – Play ESO Solo

Becoming a Thief in ESO is another great and very fun Solo activity! An ESO Thief visits towns in every zone, in an attempt to steal valuable items and become richer. Stealing in ESO is a great way to Make Gold but is also the only available Pacifist gameplay! If you do not like killing other players or NPC but still want to enjoy ESO, becoming a Thief is the best way. To steal items successfully, you will need a dedicated Thief Build. For the Best Thief Build in ESO you can check my Cloak and Dagger Nightblade Thief Build!

ESO PVP as a Solo Player

If you do enjoy killing other players though, then ESO PVP is for you! You can experience PVP as a Solo player in Battlegrounds or specific Open World zones! Cyrodiil and the Imperial City are instanced PVP zones where you can hunt and kill other players. There are plenty of PVE activities in these two zones as well! So you can combine the thrill of PVP with questing, Delve diving or even fishing! To learn more about PVP in ESO you can read my ESO PVP Beginner Guide! Do not forget that PVP is vastly different from PVE in ESO and in order to be successful but also have fun(because in the end that is what really matters), you will need a dedicated PVP Build! Thankfully you can find a few for every playable Class here:

My Nemesis – Magicka Sorcerer PVP Build is a powerful option for Solo players! Knowing How to Build your Character for PVP will help you in this type of gameplay!

Cyrodiil Scroll

Can you Solo Group Dungeons in ESO?

Group Dungeons in ESO are the 4-man Dungeons you can find around the map or enter through the Group & Activity Finder! They have a normal and a veteran difficulty and are designed with a proper group in mind(Tank, Healer, two Damage Dealers). Although difficult to complete Solo, this is not impossible. However it depends on your expertise in the game and how strong your Build is. Solo Builds for this purpose will have to focus more on survivability and sustain!

What Can you not play Solo in ESO?

There are a few activities in ESO, that are impossible to Solo! But those are not that many. 12-man Trials are impossible to Solo no matter how strong your Build is or how good you are! 4-man Arenas and the hardest DLC 4-man Dungeons are also impossible to solo.

FAQ- Can you Play ESO Solo

Should i Buy ESO as a Solo Player?

ESO is the most Solo Player friendly MMORPG you can buy! There are only a few activities you cannot Solo in ESO, which makes it one of the best options for Solo Players.

Is ESO a good Solo MMO?

ESO is an amazing MMO for Solo players! Most activities in the game are solo able and you can follow your own pace when exploring its vast Open World!

Is ESO worth playing Solo?

ESO is a great game to play if you wish to experience everything it has to offer Solo! Almost every activity in the game is Solo able.

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