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Magicka Nightblade PVP

Lifestealer is a deadly Magicka Nightblade PVP Build in ESO that relies on stealth and burst damage to destroy your enemies. The build puts emphasis on healing, survivability and waiting the right moment to strike! It is basically a group oriented semi-gank DPS/Healer hybrid Magblade PVP Build, designed for Battlegrounds and Open World PVP.

Your goal with Lifestealer is to remain undetected, build up your Ultimate and strike with everything you have to finish your target or support your group. If you are a new player, you can take a look at my Nightblade Beginner Guide. For a different approach to Magicka Nightblade PVP take a look at Terror. You can find more Builds in the Nightblade Builds page.

Table of Contents

Magicka Nightblade PVP Build Setup

The Build is designed to deal massive Burst damage but also heal yourself and your group! Although not a brawler, Lifestealer can survive against tougher enemies and get the kills with its abilities! New Moon Acolyte is a good alternative for Caluurion’s Legacy.

HeadGaze of SithisHeavyImpenetrableMulti-Effect ( Tri-Stat )
ShouldersBalorghLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
HandsCaluurion's LegacyLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
LegsCaluurion's LegacyLightImpenetrableMulti-Effect ( Tri-Stat )
ChestCaluurion's LegacyLightImpenetrableMulti-Effect ( Tri-Stat )
WaistCaluurion's LegacyLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
FeetCaluurion's LegacyLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
NecklaceHeartland ConquerorJewelInfusedSpell Damage
RingHeartland ConquerorJewelInfusedSpell Damage
RingHeartland ConquerorJewelInfusedSpell Damage
StaffHeartland ConquerorFlameSharpenedEscapist's Poison IX
Staff(Perfected)Precise Regeneration/Heartland ConquerorRestorationDefendingDrain Health Poison IX

Armor Sets for Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

Skills for Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

The following skills will help you remain undetected and strike the right moment to get the kill! They will also help you keep your group and yourself alive!

Shadowy DisguiseConcealed WeaponImpaleMerciless ResolvePiercing MarkSoul Harvest
Mass HysteriaRadiating RegenerationPhantasmal EscapeSiphoning AttacksChanneled AccelerationLight's Champion

Passive Skills for Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

Very important passive skills that can help you maximize the potential of your Magicka Nightblade PVP Build.

  • All Passive Skills from your Class’ Lines
  • All Passive Skills from Weapon Lines you are using
  • Passive Skills from Armor Lines you are using
  • Passive Abilities from Guild lines(Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Psijic Order) that affect your skills/Build
  • Mages Guild Passives: Mage Adept, Everlasting Magic, Magicka Controller, Might of the Guild
  • Undaunted Passives
  • Vampire Passives: Dark Stalker, Strike from the Shadows, Undeath
  • Your Racial Passives
  • Medicinal Use Passive from Alchemy to boost the effectiveness of Potions

Champion Points for Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

Below you will find the best Champion Points setup for the Build. If you would like to learn more about Champion Points and how they work, you can read my ESO Champion Points Guide.


  • Slottable: Deadly Aim, Master-at-Arms, Wrathful Strikes, Ironclad
  • Passive: Eldritch Insight, Piercing, Flawless Ritual, War Mage, Quick Recovery, Hardy, Elemental Aegis, Preparation, Precision, Blessed, Tireless Discipline


  • Slottable: Rationer, Liquid Efficiency, Sustaining Shadows, Steed’s Blessing
  • Passive: Out of Sight, Fleet Phantom, Gilded Fingers, Fortune’s Favor, Wanderer, Steadfast Enchantment


  • Slottable: Boundless Vitality, Rejuvenation, Juggernaut, Fortified
  • Passive: Sprinter, Hasty, Tireless Guardian, Hero’s Vigor, Mystic Tenacity, Tumbling, Defiance, Piercing Gaze

Consumables for Magblade PVP Build

We are using Clockwork Citrus Filet as food and Essence of Immovability as Potions.

Escapist’s Poison IX and Drain Health Poison IX as Poisons.

For Potions and Poisons Recipes you can take a look at my Alchemy Guide!

Info for Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

Several important info for the Magblade PVP Build. What Mundus to use, the best race for the build and how to assign your attribute points.

Attribute Points

All points to Magicka.

Mundus Stone

The Atronach to boost your Magicka Recovery.

What Race is best for Magblade PVP Build

High Elf – Dark Elf – Breton is the best race for the Build. Any Race with Magicka bonuses can work well though. You can find more about the playable races in my ESO Race Guide!

Vampire or Werewolf

Vampire Stage 2 or 3 for the Dark Stalker, Strike from the Shadows and Undeath passives.

Rotation for Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

Buff yourself with Siphoning Attacks, Phantasmal Escape, Channeled Acceleration and wait cloaked for the right moment to strike. Use Shadowy Disguise to remain cloaked. Pick a target, debuff him with Piercing Mark and start your attack with Soul Harvest, continue with Concealed Weapon and finish your target with Impale and Assassin’s Will. Heal yourself and your group with Radiating Regeneration. Fear enemies with Mass Hysteria to finish them or escape. Use Light’s Champion to heal yourself and your team but also to boost your Critical Damage. Always Light Attack before every skill.

FAQ – Magicka Nightblade PVP Build

Is Magicka Nightblade good for PVP?

Magicka Nightblade is a deadly Stealth Class for PVP in ESO! It can easily kill enemies with its high burst damage and escape in the shadows. For a deadly Magblade Build you can take a look at this Magicka Nightblade PVP Build!

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