Magicka Warden PVP Build ESO – Frozen

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Magicka Warden PVP

Frozen is a Magicka Warden PVP Build in ESO, designed for Battlegrounds and open world PVP. The Build has insane burst damage, defense and all the necessary buffs and debuffs to destroy other players fast. Frozen is a great Magicka Warden PVP Build for solo queuing in Battlegrounds as well as group gameplay. A strong and flexible Magden PVP Build! If you are a new player, you can take a look at my Warden Beginner Guide. For a strong Stamina Warden PVP Build take a look at Destroyer. You can find more Builds in the Warden Builds page.

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Magicka Warden PVP Build Setup

The Build is utilizing the Gaze of Sithis Mythic Set, a superb Defensive item that makes it easier to survive and deliver your damage! Some good alternative Sets you can use include:

HeadGaze of SithisHeavyImpenetrable/InfusedMulti-Effect ( Tri-Stat )
ShouldersBalorghLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
HandsArmor of the TraineeLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
LegsArmor of the TraineeLightImpenetrable/InfusedMulti-Effect ( Tri-Stat )
ChestHeartland ConquerorMediumImpenetrable/InfusedMulti-Effect ( Tri-Stat )
WaistHeartland ConquerorLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
FeetHeartland ConquerorLightImpenetrableMax. Magicka
NecklaceRallying CryJewelInfusedSpell Damage
RingRallying CryJewelInfusedSpell Damage
RingRallying CryJewelInfusedSpell Damage
StaffHeartland ConquerorFlameSharpened/ChargedEscapist's Poison IX
StaffRallying CryRestorationDefendingDrain Health Poison IX

Armor Sets for Magicka Warden PVP Build

These are the Best Armor Sets you can use with the Build. The Sets will help you maximize your damage potential and survivability!

Skills for Magicka Warden PVP Build

The following skills will help you deal great damage, defend yourself and heal your group!

Crushing ShockFetcher InfectionDeep FissureArctic BlastBird of PreyIce Comet
Shimmering ShieldRadiating RegenerationBlue BettyIce FortressLotus BlossomLight's Champion
  • Crushing Shock(Force Shock): Your main offensive skill. Deals great damage and can interrupt enemies.
  • Fetcher Infection(Swarm): Great damage DOT skill that applies Minor Vulnerability.
  • Deep Fissure(Scorch): Great damage skill that also applies Major Breach to everyone in an area.
  • Arctic Blast(Arctic Wind): Self-heal ability that also deals AOE frost damage and stuns enemies.
  • Bird of Prey(Falcon’s Swiftness): Placed for the passives. Can use it to boost speed.
  • Ice Comet(Meteor): Main Ultimate. Deals good damage and can immobilize enemies.
  • Shimmering Shield(Crystallized Shield): Great skill that protects against projectiles and builds up Ultimate faster.
  • Radiating Regeneration(Regeneration): Essential for your survival. Main group Heal ability.
  • Blue Betty(Betty Netch): Very important self-buff. Increases your spell damage and restores Magicka.
  • Ice Fortress(Frost Cloak): Great self and group buff that increases your resistances and reduces incoming damage.
  • Lotus Blossom(Lotus Flower): Very helpful skill for its passive self-heal and boost to Spell Critical.
  • Light’s Champion(Panacea): Defensive Ultimate. Massive heal and a boost to Critical Damage.

Passive Skills for Magicka Warden PVP Build

Very important passive skills that can help you maximize the potential of your Magicka Warden PVP Build.

  • All Passive Skills from your Class’ Lines
  • All Passive Skills from Weapon Lines you are using
  • Passive Skills from Armor Lines you are using
  • Passive Abilities from Guild lines(Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Psijic Order) that affect your skills/Build
  • Mages Guild Passives: Mage Adept, Everlasting Magic, Magicka Controller, Might of the Guild
  • Undaunted Passives
  • Your Racial Passives
  • Medicinal Use Passive from Alchemy to boost the effectiveness of Potions

Champion Points for Magicka Warden PVP Build

Below you will find the best Champion Points setup for the Build. If you would like to learn more about Champion Points and how they work, you can read my ESO Champion Points Guide.


  • Slottable: Deadly Aim, Master-at-Arms, Wrathful Strikes, Ironclad
  • Passive: Eldritch Insight, Piercing, Flawless Ritual, War Mage, Quick Recovery, Hardy, Elemental Aegis, Preparation, Precision, Blessed, Tireless Discipline


  • Slottable: Rationer, Liquid Efficiency, Master Gatherer, Steed’s Blessing
  • Passive: Out of Sight, Fleet Phantom, Gilded Fingers, Fortune’s Favor, Wanderer, Steadfast Enchantment


  • Slottable: Boundless Vitality, Rejuvenation, Juggernaut, Fortified
  • Passive: Sprinter, Hasty, Tireless Guardian, Hero’s Vigor, Mystic Tenacity, Tumbling, Defiance, Piercing Gaze

Consumables for Magden PVP Build

We are using Clockwork Citrus Filet/Witchmother’s Potent Brew as food and Essence of Immovability as Potions.

Escapist’s Poison IX and Drain Health Poison IX as Poisons.

For Potions and Poisons Recipes you can take a look at my Alchemy Guide!

Info for Magicka Warden PVP Build

Several important info for the Magden PVP Build. What Mundus to use, the best race for the build and how to assign your attribute points.

Attribute Points

All points to Magicka.

Mundus Stone

The Atronach for the best Magicka Recovery possible.

What Race is Best for Magicka Warden PVP Build

High Elf – Dark Elf – Breton is the best Race for a Warden PVP Build. Any Race with Magicka bonuses can work well though. You can find more about the playable races in my ESO Race Guide!

Vampire or Werewolf

Neither is necessary.

Rotation for Magicka Warden PVP Build

Buff yourself with Blue Betty, Ice Fortress, Lotus Blossom and activate Shimmering Shield before you engage the enemy. Activate Deep Fissure, attack with Fetcher Infection and Crushing Shock to finish your target. Use again Deep Fissure and Fetcher Infection to deal damage and apply their debuffs if you have to. If your Ice Comet is ready, attack with it to boost your burst damage. Arctic Blast to heal yourself, stun and hurt enemies, Radiating Regeneration to heal yourself and your group. Use Light’s Champion for emergency heals and to boost your Critical Damage.

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FAQ – Magicka Warden PVP Build

Is Magicka Warden good for PVP?

Magicka Warden is a strong and flexible Class in ESO PVP! The Magden offers good damage, heals and support skills to your group, that will help you win fights! For a strong Magden PVP Build, you can take a look at Frozen!

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