Throne and Liberty Beginner Guides

Helpful Beginner Guides for every aspect of Throne and Liberty! Guides that will help you understand the basics and level up fast in TL. Pick the right Weapon for your Build and allocate your Stats properly to become stronger!

New Player Beginner Guides TL

The following Beginner Guides will help New Players to understand the core gameplay of Throne and Liberty. Level up faster and become stronger by using the right Weapon for your Build and allocating your Stats properly! Detailed Guides that will show you how gameplay systems work in Throne and Liberty. The goal of these beginner guides is to prepare you for everything TL has to offer and maximize your fun in the game! By reading them you will understand how core aspects of the game work, faster!

throne and liberty weapons

Throne and Liberty Weapons – TL Class Guide

The available Weapons in Throne and Liberty, that determine the Class you can play and your personal play style in TL MMORPG!
throne and liberty weapon mastery

Throne and Liberty Weapon Mastery Guide

Weapon Mastery in Throne and Liberty offers additional effects to your active weapon, that allow you to focus on a specific play style!
throne and liberty stats

Throne and Liberty Stats Guide

Throne and Liberty Stats and their impact in PVE and PVP TL Gameplay! How important are the Stats for your character in Throne and Liberty!
throne and liberty leveling

Throne and Liberty Leveling Guide – How to Level up Fast

The Best Leveling Guide for Throne and Liberty, that will help you reach the maximum Level fast and efficiently!
throne and liberty guardians

Throne and Liberty Guardians Guide

Guardians in Throne and Liberty is a special transformation system, that allows you to change your appearance and inherit powerful abilities!
throne and liberty amitoi

Throne and Liberty Amitoi Guide

Amitoi is a Pet System in Throne and Liberty that rewards you with a devoted follower, which heals, provides bonuses and collects your loot!
throne and liberty skills upgrade

How to Upgrade your Skills in Throne and Liberty

How to Upgrade your Skills in Throne and Liberty, in order to become stronger and be able to clear harder content!
throne and liberty sollant

5 Best Ways to Make Sollant in Throne and Liberty

The 5 Best Ways to Earn Sollant in Throne and Liberty! How to make a lot of Sollant in Throne and Liberty fast and reliably!

If you wish to take a look at all available Skills, you can read my Throne and Liberty Skills Guide!

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